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Country Song About the Death of a Loved One

Something Or Rather ‘Someone’ Unexpected Led Me to This Song – A Country Song about the Death of a Loved One

Being that I live Country Music, I spend a good percentage of my time seeking out Country Songs to review. Tonight is no exception, I had been in the process of deciding which type of song and lyric I wanted to feature front and center tonight when something or someone, very unexpected led me to this song, ‘Go On Without Me’ by Brett Eldredge.

I Had Originally Been Seeking Out Country Songs About Angels

I had spent a good portion of the evening listening to some of my favorite songs about Angels, one, of course, being Alabama’s song ‘Angels Among Us.’ However, I ‘didn’t feel’ the right words were inside of me tonight to give that fantastic song the proper review it would deserve, so I kept looking.

My Heart Was Hurting Today

Those who know me already know that I lost my dad, and they may be getting tired of my writing about it. Lately, it’s become a form of therapy, I guess. Losing Dad cuts so deep, that I find myself grieving more as time goes on, not less. Poor Dad, it must be hard for him to watch all of us cry and not be able to provide the hug or talk we need. I can’t imagine that. I try to relate to that by thinking if it was me ‘over there’ watching my child fall apart in heaving sobs, and they couldn’t feel me comfort them, how would I feel, what would I do to try and get a message to them?

So Here’s Where the Strange Delivery of a Message Comes In

Earlier today, I had finished up a new webpage on 15 Popular Country Songs about Breaking Up. A friend was kind enough to visit that page tonight and let me know that I should listen to ‘One Mississippi by Brett Eldredge’, that is was a ‘great song.’

So, yep, you guessed it, I was off to find the song, ‘One Mississippi’ and listen to it, when, of course, I discovered a list of Brett’s other songs and noticed this title “Go On Without Me.”

I Almost Didn’t Listen to the Song

Like I explained above, I had been seeking out country songs about ‘Hope’ and ‘Angels,’ and being that I had another tearful day over Dad, I didn’t want to start the waterworks again. But, after a moment of thought, I decided to listen.

It’s the Lyrics to ‘Go On Without Me’ that Floored Me!

  • I don’t want you to cry over my memory
  • I hope that it’s my love that makes you feel that you can get back on your feet, yeah I swear you will
  • You’ve got so much of this life left to live
  • I’ll be smiling at the thought of you just like I always did
  • I’ll always see the prayers in your head late at night
  • I’m walking right beside you when nobody’s by your side
  • Every breath of life is short and sweet, so glad that I’m up here that I got to see you go on without me

Also, the music is not ‘sad and teary,’ it’s more instructional, hopeful..with a little, ‘do as I say tone to it’!

This was a much-needed message for me to hear tonight. I can’t put it into words. I needed to listen to it so much that my first instinct was to want to tell my Dad, NO! I don’t want to think that way; I can hear him saying this to me! It’s such a real feeling for me because I would probably go toe to toe with him on it! I think my dad is kicking my butt tonight! And it looks like he sent Mandee, to lead me here so he could. Because honestly, I wouldn’t have found the song otherwise!

It may have been ‘One Mississippi’ you wanted me to listen to, and I did, but it looks like you led me to another country song with a powerful message. Thank you, and I bet Dad would say, Thank you too, bet he would say ‘I Love You’ ..because he said that to practically everyone.

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  1. Our dads are sending us loving ‘signs’ all the time, Barbara — you just need to be able to ‘see’ or ‘hear’ them when they appear, as you did with this song. Your dad… and mine… are with us all the time, and sometimes we get these special reminders! ~Hugs!

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