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A Beautiful and Engaging Country Song Dedicated to Mom – Somebody’s Hero

Somebody’s Hero by Jamie O’Neal will bring both a smile and a tear. It’s a beautiful dedication song honoring a mother’s lifetime commitment to her child and family and her daughter’s lifelong love for her mother. Get it on iTunes

Mom may have ‘never rocked Central Park to a half a million fans, screaming out her name’ or ‘pulled anyone from a burning building’ but as the song so beautifully expresses, ‘she’s somebody’s hero‘.

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The song travels through a lifetime of love between a mother and her daughter; from a little girl, to a new bride, to visiting mom every day in the nursing home, to being a mom herself. The ending of the song is a combination of hope and inspiration. As she honors her mom, by being by her side in her senior years, ‘she’s the envy of the Nursing Home‘ <— there’s the part that brings a tear. The video perfectly expresses the lyrics to this song; there are no complicated metaphors, just a reflective presentation of a precious life story shared by mother and daughter.

Country Song Dedicated to Mom: About the Song, Somebody’s Hero by Jamie O’Neal

Somebody’s Hero was written by Australian Artist Jamie O’Neal, Shave Smith and Ed Hill. It was released in 2005 (in fact I remember dancing to this one in my kitchen back then!) – The song reached number 3 on the Hot Country Song Chart. Jamie O’Neal, a very talented Country Artist with other recognizable number one hits, ‘There is No Arizona’ and ‘When I Think About Angels’. The peaking of Somebody’s Hero gave Jamie her 6th Top 40 Country Hit and let’s not forgot…her 3rd Top Ten Hit.

Visual Lyrics to Listen for in this Song – Word Grabbers that you’ll Appreciate!

  • ‘The keeper of the Cheerios’ <—love this lyric! so creative
  • ‘She’s been a waiter, and a cook and a taxi driver’ <—this may be every mom’s truth!
  • ‘A hero to her daughter in a wedding dress’
  • ‘A hero to her mother in a rocking chair’
  • ‘Feeds her mom with a spoon’ <—- A poignant lyric, presented with Beauty in the Video

When I first heard the song..these words jumped off the screen and directly into my heart – right then, I have to say, I knew it was going to be a hit song…Any song that sings the story of our lives, is heading straight to the top!

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