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Country Song about a Father Who Was Never Around

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I Love You This Much by Jimmy Wayne – For Sons Who Weren’t Blessed with an Involved Father

All he wants is his father’s love. He sees other children surrounded with the love and support of their dad, and he stands alone. He knows he’ll spend his life without the comfort and love of his father.

I Love You This Much by Jimmy Wayne, is a country song about a father who is never around and a little boy who desperately wants to be with him, but mostly to feel loved by him. Sadly, his father isn’t capable of giving this part of himself to his child. Unfortunately it’s an all too common occurrence.

Most of us know someone who is facing or who has faced this heartbreak in life. Look in the eyes of that person you know with compassion, and give them an extra big hug, because those of us who grew up knowing a father’s love, have some responsibility to share our blessings with those who live everyday with this painful void.

My father loved all of us unconditionally. My husband cried for him more than he did for the loss of his own dad. The video poem below, When a Son Loses His Father, was written by me about the loss of his mostly absent father.

(Lyrics) I Love You This Much, and I’m Waiting On You 

Unfortunately there are many families who know the pain of an absent father. My husband was one of them. However at the end of this video poem I write, ‘to have this love in him, his dad must have done a few things right’.

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