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Country Song about Feeling Alone

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A Country Song for Those Who Feel Invisible in this World

Invisible, by Hunter Hayes, a country song about feeling alone, speaks to those who think they may never be seen, much less reach their potential. These powerful lyrics are especially poignant for young people just starting out in this world, and who, through lack of life experience, make the mistake of comparing themselves to their peers.

You’re Not Invisible, Hear Me Out, There’s So Much More to this Life Than You’re Feeling Now – A Beautiful Lyric in this song

If I had one wish, I would wish that the young souls of the world would know that every one of them matters. Each soul in this world, is an important soul. As a mom of four sons, one of the most frustrating and painful things to witness is young people temporarily blinded by the struggles of youth to the point that they allow their self-worth to suffer the consequences. If I could grant this one wish, I would ask that they see their special gifts and understand that their contribution to this world can make a difference. Most importantly, that contribution doesn’t have to mean fame and fortune either; it can be as simple as helping to change one life for the better.

One of My Messages to My Sons (Who are not Young Kids Anymore) – I Often Wonder if They Hear this Message?

I’ve often explained to the boys that they will find their place when they’ve lived their life for others. In other words, when you’re feeling like you don’t matter, or like life isn’t going your way, or that people annoy you, that they don’t ‘get you,’ then the first thing you need to do is do something for someone else. Remove yourself from the equation. Stop thinking about your arduous plight in life, and even if it’s in the smallest way, give a hand to another person. It’s hard to believe that the simplest thing to understand is often forgotten; we only find joy through the long-lasting gifts we give, not the ‘things’ we get.

Get Ready, Because Enlightened Souls are Sometimes Hard to Find

When people make us angry, or we feel uncounted or not equally measured, one of the things this life has taught most of us who’ve lived numerous decades is that ‘not everyone you meet will be at their best, or offer their best.’ I say to the boys, ‘Let it go,’ tell a quiet prayer (based on your faith of choice) for them and move along. As a famous quote says, ‘Don’t become that which you rail against.’ No matter how hard it is, offer your best no matter what, and when you have moments where you’ve failed at this, forgive yourself and start fresh the next day.

Hunter Hayes Announces 24 Hour Road Race to End Child Hunger

Before I speak about this incredible mission Hunter Hayes is on, I want any young folks reading this to realize that the difference they make in this world doesn’t have to be ‘global’ in nature. Hunter Hayes has earned a very public platform where he can tackle this extremely worthy cause from an international position. However, remember that any one life you make a difference in matters. Here are some examples of equally important things you can do: smile at someone in your family today, clean your room, thank your parents, help a struggling sibling, hug a friend, call an elderly grandparent whom you haven’t spoken to in a while, donate your time to a cause if you have time; lend a shoulder to a crying friend…there’s so much more – start with your family.

You can also help Hunter Hayes with this very worthy cause. You can learn more about Hunter’s mission to stop child hunger here. Hunter was very affected when he learned that 1 in 5 American Children don’t know where their next meal is coming from. His goal is to bring awareness to this very serious and sad issue.

About Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes is an American Singer-Songwriter born September 9th, 1991. His first self-titled album was released in 2011 and has achieved Platinum Status in the US and gold in Canada, with approximately 1.2 million sales. His album ‘Storyline’ was released in May 2014.

Note: Article originally posted & written by me on Squidoo – Archived

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  1. Hunter Hayes is supporting a very worthy cause and I admire him for it. But, Barbara, your words, and the message you give in this post to young people is even more special. I have teenage grandsons who are currently struggling with their own ‘sense of worth’ and I’m going to share this with them. Hopefully, they can ‘see themselves’ in this message and realize that just “who they are at this moment” is already making a difference in the lives of their family and by extending themselves just a bit more, one person and act of kindness at a time, they can change their view of the world. And the world will be better because of them. Thank you for this message.

  2. Hailey says:

    i love Hunter! He told me that I’m not invisible and it took me a while to believe that but he helped me with it. Because of him I do know now that I’m not invisible, that I have a place to fit in. He told me to be something different so I did. I’m me and I’m proud of that. I want to thank Hunter for helping me.

  3. Pat, your comment means a lot to me as well, thanks so much for taking the time to write those kind words.

  4. Cynthia says:

    This is truly a great song with a powerful message for everyone. It is so easy to get “lost” in the fast paced world and feel like you are not only invisible, but useless and unneeded. Yes, young people, as well as older folks, need to realize their lives, their existence are important. We touch lives everyday and frequently don’t recognize that influence or needed comfort. Sometimes just a smile and kind word can brighten anothers life and we are most certainly not invisible.

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