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Beautiful Country Song for a Wedding Anniversary about the Depth of Love

Your love has stood the test of time, it hasn’t always been easy but through it all, you’ve managed to stay together.

Time has become a friend to your relationship, and as the years have changed your physical selves, your eyes echo an ageless knowingness that only the two of you can share.


This song will bring tears to your eyes. Just the line “I thought I loved you then” makes you cry…especially when it’s a song choice for a couple who have enjoyed a long relationship.

Love changes over time, and with beautiful luck and a lot of effort it can graduate to a place where you wake up every day with the thought, ‘how can I make his or her day better‘… it becomes an unconscious thought…a part of who you’ve both become…one.

Anniversary Throw Blanket

Anniversary Throw Blanket

It’s easy to picture the loving couple dancing arm in arm to words like, ‘and now you’re my whole life, and now you’re my whole world’. They’ve survived so many challenges, they’ve been through two lifetimes in one, and maybe the odds were even against them. Well, not today. Today they dance to words that say it all to everyone gathered ’round.


THEN is a mid tempo song co-written by Brad Paisley and released in 2009. It reached number one on the Hot Country Songs Billboard Chart in the USA in that same year. A video was never released for this song but that hasn’t stopped many videos of the song from appearing on Youtube.

It’s the words that make this song. The music is beautiful but the lyrics will give you goosebumps.

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*Note: Article Originally Posted February 2014 – https://web.archive.org/web/20140821214440/http://music.squidoo.com/country-love-song-for-wedding-anniversary

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