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Cute Country Songs from Husband to Wife about Being a Mom & Running the House

Country Song from Husband to Wife

Another Side of You by Joe Nichols Get it on iTunes

A Cute and Loving Song Dedicated to a Busy Wife & Mom from a Husband – ‘Another Side of You’ by Joe Nichols

If you’re a husband who finds himself wondering ‘how she does everything she does’, you’ll get a chuckle on the cute spin Joe Nichols puts in this loving dedication to a wife and mother.

(Lyrics) Well you rolled out of bed and stubbed your toe, And I heard you almost cuss, And I fought back the urge to laugh, Just listen to you fuss

Upon hearing the lyrics to this song, I had to laugh! The words really are the story of my marriage and my life with my husband. Raising 4 sons, 2 stepsons and a stepdaughter over 30 years, I can say first hand, that during my frustration and occasional ‘mom rampage’, my husband has said more than once, ‘that’s why I love you’!

In fact he said it yesterday…there I was, ‘hands perched on my hips’ giving him ‘what for’ for something or another…and after I completed my scolding instruction for whatever it was, he just looked at me and said “that’s why I love you!” Of course, that makes me laugh and smile. Works every time. Smart guy!

The song talks about the incredibly busy day a mother has when she’s raising kids; getting everyone ready in the morning, managing the house, her job, her marriage and getting the tykes safely tucked into bed at the end of the day.

Although I’m passed the stage of little kids, all of our boys are still here at home, with our youngest just starting high school today. So life is still crazy busy, just in a different way. Actually, the worries are just bigger! Now they drive, have dangerous jobs and all except one are of legal drinking age! The job of a mother never ends.

Another Spin on Mom’s and All They Do! – ‘Mr. Mom’ by Lonestar

Mr. Mom by Lonestar

Mr. Mom by Lonestar – Get it on iTunes

What happens when Dad takes on the duties of Mom; well all you Dad’s who’ve already tackled this ‘easy job’ (haha) already know, ‘taint no picnic!

If you’re looking for a cute song that paints the crazy life of being mom, then Mr. Mom sung from the perspective of poor dad running the house and kids is your song!

I’ve often said that raising kids and running the house is the hardest job … and it is! Having worked in several professions outside the home, running the house and managing the family is in an entirely different league!

(Lyrics) There’s bubble gum in the baby’s hair, Sweet potatoes in my lazy chair, Been crazy all day long and it’s only Monday!

Have you ever roll reversed with your husband? My husband and I have certainly had to do this. He knows full well all that’s involved in running the kids and running the house …. well, certain aspects of it. Although he may not have taken on all ‘the mom duties’, he’s done enough of them to know that it’s a lot of work!

When you’ve had kids, you realize that what and who you thought you could control are often times, uncontrollable! I did learn one important thing raising boys though…you need a loud voice (they’re not exactly quiet). Now instead of games and toys clanking and banging, it’s stereos and guitars..but I love that part!

Lonestar’s song, Mr. Mom, was released as the second single on their 2004 album. It reached number 1 on the Hot Country Singles and Tracks that same year in November. The video is appealing to all age levels as the lyrics and message in the song are portrayed as a cartoon…making it a ton of fun to watch.

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