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An Upbeat Country Song About Being a Good Man

A Positive Upbeat Country Song About Being a Good Man

A Good Man by Emerson Drive is one of my favorite’ message songs’ for men. It delivers positive, powerful lyrics with words like; “I wanna be the one, when all is said and done, who lived a good life and loved a good wife, and always helped someone in trouble’…’ on the day they lay me down, I want everyone to gather ’round and say he was a father, brother, neighbor and friend…he was a good man’. On the day they laid my father down, he was absolutely and unequivocally remembered as ‘a good man.’ To me, he was the world.

Being a Good Man Country Song

(Lyrics) “I wanna be the one
When all is said and done
Who lived a good life, loved a good wife, and always helped someone in trouble
On the day they lay me down
I want everyone to gather ’round
And say he was a father, brother, neighbor, and a friend
He was a good man!”

Being a Good Man – Sounds Easy, Doesn’t It?

I want my sons to know that this is what I wish for them; that they get to a place where they realize that the biggest win in life is, in fact, ‘to be a good man.’

  • To love completely
  • Give their best at what they do
  • Find their passion and build it
  • To Love their Significant Other with all their heart
  • To be trusting and trustworthy
  • To contribute to this world
  • And if they have kids, be a loving, kind, and fair Dad

Most women rank character and integrity as their number one most important trait in a man.

As the mom of four sons, besides our dog, I’m the only female in our home, and I can confidently say that men carry their burdens, dreams, successes, and priorities very differently from us girls. Even when my boys were little, as a mom, I could see how they assess situations individually and how societal expectations affected and influenced their choices.

Sure, that’s true for us girls too, but men/boys aren’t as ‘free’ to openly express themselves. Of course, I want them to!…and often chat with my sons one-on-one in the hopes that I can inspire them to believe it’s ok to open up but let’s face it, it’s still challenging. My guys would rather I didn’t have these types of life conversations with them, but the truth is, I feel it’s essential. My boys are not little kids anymore, and I still do this. I have no idea if it’s making a difference; their life story will be the final judge.

I hope they know this one thing: Boys…Be a Good Man – and everything else WILL fall into place. Your grandfather was a good man, a great man in so many ways; emulate that.

Who Are Emerson Drive?

If you’ve heard their song Moments, you’ll recognize them immediately. It’s a beautiful hit country song about a homeless man who finds a measure of redemption. Emerson Drive is a Canadian Country Band founded in 1995 from Grand Prairie, Alberta, that has achieved numerous accolades in music since then. Their music is fantastic, and lead singer Brad Mates has an incredible voice. You can find more about Emerson Drive on their Website.

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