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A Moving Country Song about a Hard Life

Moments, by Emerson Drive

A middle-aged man walks onto the E-Street bridge with the intention of committing suicide, when a homeless man living under it, in a box, senses what’s about to happen.

The homeless man follows the broken soul a little way and carefully places his hand on his shoulder. It was enough of a distraction to deter the troubled man for a moment.

Sitting on the side of the road, on that bridge, the homeless man, who clearly lived a hard life, lets him know that, ‘looking at me now, you might not know it, but I’ve had my moments; like coming home from the war and when my son was born’.

Although, they’re two men, with two separate histories, whose primes were in two separate times, for this time they are sharing one moment together, and this moment will become one of the most important in both of their lives.

The homeless man, despite his hard circumstances, was able to give the man a much-needed gift, the gift of hope and reflection. Reflecting upon both of their times in the sun, each man was given a gift by the other. Two men were saved in very different ways that night. Their lives were hard, but through it all, kindness and compassion guided hearts.

This Country Song about a Hard Life is Called ‘Moments’ by the Award Winning Country Band, Emerson Drive

Moments, performed by Emerson Drive, was written by Sam Tate, Annie Tate, and Dave Berg. Emerson Drive is an award-winning country band formed in 1995. Although the writers wanted to base the song on having moments in the sun (a person’s time when all was right) they ultimately decided to center it around a homeless man and ended up writing a song about redemption.

Emerson Drive is a Canadian Band – The Members are, Brad Mates (great voice!) – on lead vocals, Danick Dupelle on guitars and vocals, Mike Melancon on drums, and Dale Wallace on keyboards and vocals.

Moments was the most-played country music song of 2007 in Canada.

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