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Country Song that Makes You Feel Happy

The Cheeriest Country Song Ever! A Country Song That Makes You Feel Happy

It Doesn’t Matter HOW Many DECADES Go By; this Song Always Makes you SMILE! I hope you’ve had a little cheer in your day from listening to a Dolly Classic.

Here You Come Again, by Dolly Parton! – Get Ready to Smile

Well, get ready to smile, a beautiful, big, wide, happy smile, because this Dolly Parton tune is the most joyful Dolly Parton love song. Well, at least for me, it is. The song brings me back to a wonderful time in life, the 1970s, and I have to say it’s part of my soul. If you haven’t heard it, take a minute and let a little bit of the joy in.

The song describes having weak-kneed love for another person and does so with upbeat musical willingness, ‘Here you come again, looking better than a body has a right to, and shaking me up so, that all I really know, is here you come again, and there I go (lyrics)’ – It’s a terrible, wonderful pain – hurt me this way.

This Song is Impossible NOT to Sing

If you tend to blast out tunes in your kitchen, then there’s no way to avoid singing along with Dolly on this song. You’ll find yourself almost wanting to feel this head-over-heels agony of love. Yep, you guessed it, the song’s about his power over you just by doing something as simple as ‘walking in the room’…and…there you go again. You’re done: “Just leave it up to you, and in a little while, you’re messin’ up my mind and filling up my senses’ – Spring is in the air, I want to fall head over heels in love …for at least five minutes 🙂

About Dolly’s Great Song – #1 for 9 Weeks

Here You Come Again was released in 1977 and was one of the few songs that Dolly herself didn’t write. Songwriters on this catchy tune were Barry Mann and Cynthia Well. The song is on her 19th studio album of the same name, and it was no slouch on the charts either: It stayed at #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart for nine weeks and remained in the top ten for thirty-five weeks in total. No surprise, what a terrific feel-good song.

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