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Country Song About Being Your Man – I Wanna Rescue You

Rescue You, a Song by Country Music Duo ‘High Valley’ – A Country Song about Being Your Man

The pleasing complexion and affectionate devotion expressed in Rescue You reminds us what love should feel like, or for those lucky enough to be living that kind of love right now, it affirms what your heart is more than likely feeling: ‘I wanna be your knight in shining armor, Wake you up with a long slow kiss, I wanna guard your heart, I wanna keep you warm, I wanna feel you wrapped up in my arms’ (lyrics)

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How many women have labeled their love for a man as ‘rescuing them from themselves’ or tried to ‘fix them’? Well, this song isn’t about that! The Rescue in this song represents a metaphor for the depth of a man’s love for his lady; I want to watch you shine like the star I know you are (lyrics). I have to say, most of us ladies would be fine with that sort of ‘rescuing’…there’s incredible beauty in having a soft place to land.

We ladies are strong, yes, we are, but the loving arms of a man wrapped around our body and our heart can easily refuel our soul. The lyrics and the video to this song draw you into the message of this kind of love:

  • Rescue you from every dark night
  • Save you from a world so cruel
  • Rescue you from being lonely
  • Rescue you from every tear cried
  • Baby lay it all on me
  • Lay your worries on me
  • I’ll show you what love can do

To the men out there, if you’re trying to win a woman’s heart, listen to the words in this song…especially, ‘lay your worries on me’ – Do you know how much women worry? A lot. Even strong-minded women worry. Just to hear the man we love (or potentially love) say ‘lay your worries on me,’ whether he can solve those worries or not, ranks very high on our kindness and character scale. A man’s loving arms and comforting ears are sometimes all we need, which means more than you can know.

About High Valley

Brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel from Blumenort Alberta make up this Canadian Country Music Duo. Brother Bryan was also a member until March of 2014. They’re rising stars in the country music industry with numerous accolades under their belts, including their recent Interactive Artist of the Year win at the 2013 Canadian Country Music Awards. You can find more on this talented duo at and on Twitter

Below are two additional albums by High Valley with ‘County Line’ their recent release to date – released October 2014.

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