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Country Song About the Next Chapter of Life – My Next Thirty Years

My Next Thirty Years, by Tim McGraw

Don’t Miss This One if You’ve Never Heard It…Great Song! This Country Song about the Next Chapter of Life will Inspire You to Grab Hold, be Happy, and Move Forward!

The drive between my parent’s house and mine is about 4.5 hours on average, and during that trip, for more than thirty years, I’ve enjoyed the reflection, music, plans and thoughts about my life and my family’s lives. That road knows so much about me; it carries the anticipation of a 17 year old girl, the excitement of a bride to be, a loving mother with kids in tow, the sobbing tears of a daughter driving to her father’s dying bedside, and now today, at 53, the wiser heart of a woman, who despite her life’s intermittent turmoils, still sees the grand possibilities in the next thirty years.

I Think I’ll Take a Moment, Celebrate My Age, The Ending of an Era, The Turning of a Page, Now It’s Time to Focus in on Where I Go From Here, Lord Have Mercy on My Next Thirty Years (Lyrics)

This past Easter weekend was my latest trip down the ‘highway of my life’, and of course, My Next Thirty Years by Tim McGraw came blasting through the car radio…and thus began a much needed joy filled rumination of my next chapter. Shaped by many of life’s poignant major markers, this latest one, the death of my father, has generated some truly unexpected analysis of where I go from here. It really does represent the turning of a page; a story yet to be written. And yes, a story I didn’t want to have to tell without a living father. However, lately I’m surprised by how I see this world. Maybe dad’s pushing me to go where I’m suppose to go….well I don’t know about that … but I do know this; the colors of life are changing for me, and the blank pages of this

unwritten book are calling for balanced brightness…or something like that.

My Next Thirty Years Will Be the Best Years of My Life (Lyrics)

You can call it a women’s version of a mid-life crisis, or just plain knowingness…call it what you will….whatever it is, it’s real, and it deserves notice. It’s not about trading in a husband, or walking away from family responsibilities… — It’s all about ‘knowing thyself’. As a woman, it’s easy to fall prey to life’s expected trappings…and if those trappings are what we want or wanted, that’s perfectly fine. However, there is a way to love all those we love, be there for all those we need to be there for, and still make time for our own inner calling. Yes, we ladies are known to quiet that calling in our youth. In fact, we not only quiet it, we sometimes deny it’s existence. So with ears and eyes open, I’m excited to be the author of my next thirty years. The characters will stay the same, it’s the writer who will grow…and change…and if it goes as planned, for the greater good.

Find More on the great Tim McGaw at his Website, Facebook & Twitter.



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Comments (8)

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I have always liked this song, but have simply viewed it as a young “mans” song. I like your interruption and application better. Yes, I do look forward to my next 30 years in spite of all of the changes we have already endured, and all that we still must face & survive.

  2. Excellent philosophy presented in these words in Tim McGraw’s song, and in the way you interpret it’s meaning in your own life. Well done.

  3. Thanks Cynthia, life is just a series of constant changes isn’t it :)

  4. Susan says:

    Tim McGraw has always been a favorite artist. But I haven’t heard My Next 30 Years in awhile. This was great to hear it again and read about it, too.

  5. I love My Next Thirty Years, it’s such a nice song!

  6. Sarah, it sure is a terrific song for all ages :)

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