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A Meaningful Message in a Country Song from Son to Father

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My Husband spent much time in Hockey with all four of our sons. He was a coach, an assistant coach, played street hockey with them, and learned about the sport to guide them when he could. I’m quite a bit younger than my Husband, so he was always an older hockey dad…especially with our fourth son, who came along late in life for both of us. In fact, he’s 14 years old now, still playing Hockey, and his dad continues to be a part of his experience.

A Beautiful Sentiment In Video and Lyrics – A Country Song from Son to Father

Whenever I watch Chad Brownlee’s video of this song, especially the scene where the older father and son are on the ice, it’s like looking into the mirror of my husband’s life with the boys. Despite my Husband’s less-than-stellar childhood, he’s been a wonderful dad to our sons. He continues to do his best, and he loves them with all his heart. Like any father, just the thought of his children can bring a tear to his eye. That’s the one thing that only a mother and father can share…that sacred look between them, never requiring words, that expresses to the other, the depth of love they feel for their child…my Husband and I frequently exchange these looks.

(Lyrics) …Yeah he’s the youngest man I know at 65

(lyrics) …. “A little slower than he used to be, but there’s a fire in his eyes, he’s got a few more wrinkles in his face, and grey hair’s finally found it’s place, but when he smiles, you can see that kid inside’…

So this is what it means to be alive,
He’ll dance like no-one’s watching, laugh until he cries,
He holds on tight and loves without regret, he takes the good and leaves the rest,
And when all is said and done, he’s gonna leave here dying young”

About Chad Brownlee, Canadian Country Music Artist

If you’ve never heard Chad Brownlee sing the song featured here ‘Leave Here Dying Young,” be sure to take a few minutes and listen to not only a moving song, but also Chad’s incredible voice. You won’t be disappointed..he’s seriously talented! His early goal in life was to play Hockey in the NHL, and was well on his way to achieving that initial dream. He was a draft pick for the Vancouver Canucks in 2003 and played four years with the Minnesota State Mavericks. A series of injuries pulled him away from the sport and fortunately for his growing list of fans, he pursued a career in music.

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He’s magnificently talented, and there isn’t one song this man sings that isn’t terrific! His first single, The Best I Can (Superhero), was released in 2009. To date he’s had three albums released; Chad Brownlee in 2010, Love Me or Leave Me in 2012, and just recently in June 2014, The Fighters. He’s received numerous country music award nominations including Country Album of the Year for Love Me Or Leave Me at the Juno Awards in 2013. He won The Rising Star Award at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards in 2011. His stars continue to shine. You can Find More about Chad Brownlee on His Website, Twitter and Facebook.

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