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A Country Song about Time Going By Fast and Remembering that Life Isn’t a Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal by Carolyn Dawn Johnson – Life Doesn’t Wait for Us to Get it Right (Lyrics)

‘Days Pass Me By Just Like Moments’ – These are the first words in the song ‘Dress Rehearsal’ by powerhouse Canadian Country Artist Carolyn Dawn Johnson

This country music hit goes back to 2004. It’s an anthem about time and life and how we work hard at where we’re going and forget to stop and live, A truth perfectly expressed in the lyric, ‘life doesn’t wait for us to get it right day after night, it just goes on when goes wrong, it goes then it’s gone.’

‘Maybe I Should Slow Down,’ Take a Breath, Realize, Time is Irreversible’ – Lyrics That Most of Us Can Relate to at Some Point in Life

Is this you? Do you sometimes feel like a cat chasing its tail? It’s incredible that in this modern age of information and technology, we’ve lost the one thing all of this ‘stuff’ was supposed to provide us with…More Time.

The world seems to spin faster, and it only stops when we decide to analyze ourselves, our purpose, and the point of it all. Life doesn’t have to be complicated. When faced with overwhelming moments, sometimes the simplest solution is the best: try taking a ten-minute meditation time out – small breaks in our routine can help us to refocus and, if done consistently enough, can aid us in getting our ‘center’ back.

‘Don’t Wait for the Perfect Situation, It Will Never Come Around’ – Another Poignant Lyric from the Song ‘Dress Rehearsal.’

Whether it’s waiting to tell someone you care, you love them, or something else you want them to know, waiting can be our enemy. We wait, but what do we wait for? Depending upon what needs to be said, maybe we wait to hope we’ll never have to say it. Often, the simplest solution to problems is staring us in the face: a hug, a sincere apology, a heartfelt thank you, even a much-needed goodbye. It’s the easy things we sometimes wait to do, often disguised as hard things. Maybe some of us keep ourselves busy so we’ll never have to face our behavior or decisions. As the song says, don’t wait.

‘When the Show is Over, and they Lay me Down, I want to be Remembered for the Love I Spread Around.’

Ever wonder why something so simple as giving and receiving love can turn into something we have to plan to do, or at least remember we’re here to do? It’s odd, isn’t it – we do complicate our lives, and the song is right….‘This ain’t no dress rehearsal’.

Who is Carolyn Dawn Johnson?

She’s a Juno Award Winning Canadian Country Music Singer-Songwriter from Grand Prairie, Alberta. She was born on April 30th, 1971, and has recorded four albums. Carolyn Dawn Johnson has been the recipient of numerous nominations and winner of several awards, including winning Female Artist of the Year at the Canadian Country Music Awards in 2012. Listen to another Carolyn Dawn Johnson song, Complicated.

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  1. It’s so true that days pass by like moments. Twenty years ago, this would still be January, but here we are, already coming up on Thanksgiving, and I’ve barely taken ten breaths since the New Year, or so it feels. It’s too easy, when time spins faster and faster, to feel overwhelmed. Thanks for reviewing this song. Like Carolyn, I’d rather be remembered for the love than for anything else I may have accomplished. Except pie. Maybe pie. : )

    Thank you for a lovely review that gave me a few moments to pause and reflect. Thank you, too, for the link to the ten minute meditation. I am honored you chose to include it–one of the sanity-standbys I employ almost daily.

  2. Kathryn, yes for the love you’ve spread around and for your Pie, absolutely for your Pie. I hear you loud on clear on the pace of time. Like you, it seems like yesterday was January, and here we are approaching Christmas. Your tips on taking a 10 minute time out were a good reminder for me. In fact, after typing this, that’s exactly what I’m going to do before tackling the next project. The lyrics in the song are a great reminder for all of us, ‘time doesn’t wait for us to get it right…it goes on then it’s gone’ – yikes. I know what I have to work on in 2015.

  3. Very special message that is given out here. So true with time going fast and we must stop for a moment. She has a nice voice.

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