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Incredibly Beautiful Country Song to Honor Fallen Soldiers

Kevin Costner, yes, that Kevin Costner and his Band’s Moving Country Song to Honor Fallen Soldiers

If you aren’t aware that Kevin Costner has a country music band called Kevin Costner & Modern West, I’m here to let you know that it’s true..he does. Their Rock Country Band was formed in 2007, and they’ve traveled the world touring, playing numerous venues, including The Grand Ole Opry.

When the Angels Came Down – A Comforting Song

Kevin Costner & Modern West have released four albums to date. ‘When the Angels Came Down’ can be found on their third album, released in September of 2011, ‘From Where I Stand’.

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If you haven’t heard the powerfully calming message in the lyrics about fallen soldiers, be sure to take a minute and listen. The lyrics speak about soldiers lost on the battlefield…when the angels came down…’They held their hands, and they prayed for them, They carried their souls beyond the moon and the sun, All the way to heaven one by one’ – Moving lyrics designed to bring that impossible measure of peace to those who have suffered a great loss. The words are a visually spiritual experience.

Just the idea of wings wrapping souls, holding hands, and guiding these brave souls home brings tears: tears of happiness, tears of sadness, tears for the peace of each person lost.

One of the most poignant messages in the song is the lyric emphasizing ‘no blame’ – They left no one, and they placed no blame, Walking all alone in the Southern Rain.’

When The Angels Came Down Sung as a Dedication in Fort Knox, Kentucky, in 2012

In April 2012, the Band sang the song at a memorial dedication in Fort Knox, Kentucky, to honor five soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Costner acknowledged that no song could heal the terrible loss of a loved one, but he would like to think that at the moment of their greatest suffering, Angels came down to take away their fear and pain and that holding onto this possibility may help us sleep a little better.

I didn’t lose my father to war, but before he passed, he suffered pain, and this song brings me comfort as well…the idea of angels holding my father’s hand and helping him to cross over is how I like to see my father’s journey at the end of his life.

Abums by Kevin Costner & Modern West:

  • ‘From Where I Stand’ features ‘The Angels Came Down’.
  • ‘Famous for Killing Each Other’ was released in 2012, another terrific album by Kevin Costner and Modern West. It offers a big bang for the buck with 19 excellent recordings.

You can Find More on Kevin Costner & Modern West here at their Website and on Twitter @modernwest.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    A beautiful image is painted in this song. The horror of our men dying in the fields alone and in pain has haunted all of us. The idea that angels held their hands gives a bit of peace to our hearts as we grieve for our fallen.

  2. Susan says:

    Well, I had known that Keven Costner had a band but never heard him sing. This is a great song and one worthy of sharing for Veteran’s Day.

  3. Thanks Susan, I love this song as well

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