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Heartwarming Country Song about a True Friend

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You’re in a jam, you need a hand, or it’s all hitting the fan, who shows up for you?

Find Out Who Your Friends Are, by Tracy Lawrence, #friendship #countrymusic #greatsong [Tweet this]

Who drops everything, and as the song says, ‘never asks what’s in it for me … they just show up, arms out ready to hold you up or tow your car! Whatever the crisis, they’re right there.

The Lyrics MAKE This Country Song about a True Friend!

When things are going well, people gather ’round you and everyone seems to be your closest friend. Then all of a sudden, life hands you a bucket of lemons, and you’re standing there in the middle of the road of life, and all you see is dust in the wind! Who stayed. Who helped. Who lent a shoulder for tears. Your true friends did, that’s when ‘you find out who your friends are.’

Here’s What True Friends Did for Our Family

When my dad passed, my friend ‘Syl’ prepared a cooler filled with homemade food and drove 6 hours to my mother’s home with her husband. This was not an easy task for them; he works, she has medical issues, and they have a lot of their own things to deal with. Of course, I told her not to do any of that, that it was ok – nope, she did it anyway. They stayed in a hotel and incurred costs as well. It was an enormous kindness.

My father’s friends flew in from all over the world for his funeral; from Paris, France, from Oklahoma, from Manitoba, from Mexico…friends from Arizona had balloons printed with his name on them and released them in his honor.

Another one of my closest friends went to the ends of the earth to be with me for my father’s Wake. When we were losing dad, I didn’t want to talk to anyone; I just couldn’t. I just wanted my immediate family. Then just before his Wake, I said to my friend, ‘you’re the one who I need to talk to right now.’ Well, she lives 4 hours from my mom’s house. It was the dead of winter, cold, bad roads; her car was in the shop – You know what she did, she arranged to take a train to a city one hour from my mom’s, had her sister pick her up (which was so kind of her sister to do), and they both drove one hour in the dark to the funeral home in my mom’s town. She surprised me, I told her not to come, but NOPE, she came anyway.

These are who our friends are.

About the Song: Find Out Who Your Friends Are, by Tracy Lawrence

The writer of the song is Casey Beathard and Ed Hill. Country artist Tracy Lawrence recorded it. You’ll find it on his album, ‘For the Love.’ It was the lead single, released in 2007. It reached the top 40 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs

You can find more about Tracy Lawrence on his Website, Twitter & Facebook.

They just show on up, With their big ol’ heart, You find out who your friends are by #TracyLawrence #countrymusic [Tweet these Lyrics]

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Really good friends know exactly what “you” need in difficult times. I tend to need to be left alone in times of extreme grief, but I always need my friends when the shock start to wear off a few days later. Great song! We all need friends who are real friends when we need help & support. Not just fair weather friends who are using us for what we can do for them.

  2. Cynthia, it doesn’t surprise me that you said ‘you tend to want to be left alone during extreme grief’ – I’m exactly the same way! I didn’t want anyone except my immediate family around me during the time before dad passed. I just couldn’t talk to people. We have similar traits again!

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