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Country Song About the Way Things Used to Be

There’s Something about that Generation, These Days I Think we Need’em more than We Ever Did Before, But They Don’t Make’em Like That Anymore (Lyrics) – A Country Song about the Way Things Used to Be

In the country song story, ‘They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That Anymore’, he’s been married to his sweet Mary since 1955, still combs his hair like Elvis and pays cash for everything.

In this ever-changing world, this song reminds us of the privilege to speak to and learn from the generations that came before us. In fact, you’ll more than likely discover that someone you know could easily be cast as the lead character in this generational tune.

Whether true appreciation for our elders comes upon us at 15 years old or 50 years old isn’t as relevant as the fact that it happens. When we see those who have lived decades before us as the pioneers of knowledge they are, it’s at that point that we open ourselves up to the beauty of experience they’ve earned from every line on their face.

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder with Him now I still Feel Small, and I’m Still Looking Up to

Him Like He’s Ten Feet Tall (Lyrics)

This past weekend I attended a Baby Shower and had the privilege of sitting and speaking to an incredible 91 year young lady…a gracious and dignified woman who I could have spent hours speaking to. She was born in 1924 and to know I was sitting and speaking with a soul who lived through so many of mankind’s major events, was, to say the least, an absolute honor.

Just thinking about how much the world has changed from the 1920’s to 2014 is almost impossible – The automobile, the Great Depression, a World War, Rock ‘n Roll, Civil Rights, Computers, the Internet, and so much more in between all of these! Here’s a lady, sharp as a tack, who witnessed all of it. Yes, it was an honor.

‘Don’t Regret Growing Older, It’s a Privilege Denied to Many’

If we’re fortunate, we too may enjoy the privilege of growing older. Best of all, if we’re lucky enough to be in good health, both body and mind, then those younger may also view us as still having something to offer, to listen to, and maybe even admire. If you look closely in the eyes of a senior citizen, you’ll get to see the world before you entered it.

Jason Blaine, A Talented Canadian Country Music Artist

Jason is a singer songwriter, born in 1980, from Pembrooke, Ontario. He won CMT’s talent search called Project Discovery in 2002 and he’s had 4 Singles chart in the Canadian Top 100 Country. He’s had 5 album releases to date with his most recent being Everything I Love in July of 2013. To date, three singles have charted in the top 20 on the Canadian Country Music Charts; Rock it Country Girl, Feels Like That, and most recently his popular song, ‘Friends of Mine’.

Where to Find Jason Blaine: On Twitter, On Facebook, His Website

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