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Redneck Fun with a Country Song to Workout To!

Country Music Artist Matt Farris has me hooked on his rising hit ‘Resident Redneck’ as well as ‘Party in the Making.’

As a Country Music Reviewer, I’m always on the lookout for excellent country music, and I have to say I found my two new favorite workout songs!


I have no idea if getting on a treadmill disqualifies me from getting my Redneck on. Still, I live in Canada, and it’s too damn cold to haul butt outside: It could be a pretty funny sight watching me jog with headphones on, overtop a hooded parka, listening to Party in the Making. The songs have a-rockin’ beat, and I have to be honest; for almost 40 minutes, I was moving butt pretty fast (yes, I replayed them over and over) Now I’m hungry.

I needed to know more about Matt Farris, so I headed over to Amazon to sample each of the songs on his album, and I’m not surprised he’s moving up in the Country scene, because every single song is good! I especially love ‘Me or the Whiskey’ <—-that’s a hit song! Another great song is ‘Tell Me That You Love Me.’


Since I’m just learning about Matt Farris and his band, I found out from watching this YouTube Interview that both his dad and granddad are band members! Now come on, that’s pretty awesome! You can read Matt’s full bio on his website; it’s fascinating; from Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter to future Country Star, I suspect.


New Music Weekly nominated ‘Resident Redneck’ for Country Single of the Year. He’s in with some high caliber talent; Cassadee Pope (for Wasting All These Tears), Blake Shelton (for Boys Round Here), and Taylor Swift (for Red), and others as well.

Fan’s of Matt Farris can find him on Twitter – @MattFarrisCNTRY & &

Listen to Resident Redneck!you break a sweat on that treadmill.

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

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