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Country Song about Your Last Name – Respecting Those Who Came Before You & Yet to Come

A Country Song About Your Last Name – Passed Down from Generations

You hear a lot about ‘the younger set’ uploading photos and posting things online that can compromise their character in job applications and other business propositions they may have. BUT let me say, that concern should sit second to the concern about the legacy it leaves for you and your family. Even if nobody ‘important’ reviews what you’ve contributed online, it doesn’t matter – you know and that’s what matters.

I write, post, share, upload, always keeping you (my children) and your future children in mind. You will live on and carry the family name so I want to be motherly right now and suggest to you, and all of you in this next beautiful generation, that what you say and what you share is who you are, so make it memorable, make your family proud and most of all spread hope.

It’s so easy to spread fear and be cynical. It’s a lot harder to type things like this. Positive messages are often not received very well, but I say, go against the trend and give the world a piece of something good for a change.

Don’t be afraid to be a contributor to this world, and remember you are loved, deeply loved in a way you may never understand until you have your own kids (if you decide to). Never ever forget that. You won’t live forever, your journey may be in it’s infancy, but your impact can be global and profound. Make it count. Be brave. Be kind. Be different. Most of all, respect your family history.

The world has enough nay sayers; we need your voice to be a voice of what’s possible, not fear. One person can make a difference. It can be you.

Find your place and find your peace in this world, and most of all remember, you are forever loved by me, mom.

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