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GRRRRRR!!! Country Songs about Anger


Done by The Band Perry

The Video – Get it on iTunes

When You’re Too Pissed to Search the Net for Songs, Just Come Here, the Song Search is DONE!

Here you’ll find a growing list of country songs about frustration, anger and generally being fed-up with a multitude of life challenges!

So you’re too damn mad to be searching all over the gawd-forsaken-internet to find just the right ‘pissed-off’ song … then you’ve landed on the right page! Why? Because that gawd-forsakin’ searchin’ is already done for you and all you have to do is listen to each song and decide if it’s the song for you.

Hold your temper, more time saving efforts have been included for you; watch all the songs listed below in the video above.

The first seven songs are the most poignant in terms of lyrics that talk about pure anger, so be sure to listen to those ones.

This is a growing list, songs are always being added, so be sure to check back when you need more country songs about anger!

Featured Video: If you want, listen while you work to a Playlist featuring all the songs listed below

Preview of Songs: