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Country Songs about Breaking Up & Lost Love

The numbers on the above Playlist match each of the song numbers below. Once you start the video, use the double arrow forward or back to scroll through the song you’de like to listen to … or just let the entire playlist run, and listen while you work.

A collection of country songs about breaking up and love lost from multiple perspectives; the guys, the girls, sad about it, happy to move on and more!
Lose it All
Brett Eldredge
The Way You
Let Me Down
Wes Mack
Break Up with Him
Old Dominion
Burning House
Waited too Long
Brett Eldredge
Crash and Burn
Thomas Rhett
Before He Cheats
Carrie Underwood
Like We Never
Loved At All
Faith Hill
Tim McGraw
Tonight I Wanna Cry
Keith Urban
A Little Bit Stronger
Sara Evans
How Do You
Like Me Now
Toby Keith
Day After You
Chad Brownlee
I'm Comin' Over

Chris Young
Whose Bed Have
Your Boots Been Under
Shania Twain
Baggage Claim
Miranda Lambert
One Mississippi
Brett Eldredge
Bring On the Rain
Jo Dee Messina
Things People Say
Lady Antebellum
Gone Long Gone
Jason Benoit
Save it For a Rainy Day
Kenny Chesney

Emotionally Charged Country Breakup Songs about Love Lost that Can Make You Laugh, Cry or Inspire You to Move On

If your heart is broken, or you’re looking for a song for a friend whose suffered a tough breakup, here you’ll find songs about lost love that fall into three areas; Glad it’s Over, Painful Loss, and Moving On.

Since every break-up is different, and it’s a process to get through it, it’s almost like grieving the loss of someone who has passed away…you have to go through it, one step at a time, one day at time. No matter the reason for the split, It’s usually never easy.

Here’s a growing song list of breakup and love lost country songs; sort within each heading if you need to.

Featured Video Playlist – Listen to all the songs that are  featured below in the video playlist. Simply scroll through each song as you need to.

 Several of the Songs in the Chart, Described Here:

Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under, by Shania Twain

This one is for the guy whose been found out. She knows what you’ve been up to, the gig is up. Don’t be calling her for company when you’re lonely, just head over to your cheating gal; So next time you’re lonely – It ends with the final kiss off, ‘Don’t call on me, Try the operator, Maybe she’ll be free’.

How Do You Like Me Now, by Toby Keith

This is the ideal song for the guy who couldn’t get the girl in high school but then makes it big, comes back to his school and town to ask the girl, ‘how do you like me now’. The sarcastic tone makes it very entertaining especially when the ‘girl’ who choose ‘the popular guy’ is now the unhappy one.

Life is Like a Bicycle Quote

Words for the Wall‘how do you like me now’. The sarcastic tone makes it very entertaining especially when the ‘girl’ who choose ‘the popular guy’ is now the one who’s unhappy.

Before He Cheats, by Carrie Underwood

I’m sure most people know all about this revenge break-up song by now! ‘I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped-up four wheel drive’….yep, maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon your perspective, there are a few women who can relate to this song!

Baggage Claim, by Miranda Lambert

Love the lyrics to this song!…’She’s fed up of draggin’ around his sensitive ego, making sure that his bags arrive on time for the dog and pony show’… She’s had enough of his cheating around and tells him to ‘go ahead and take that business trip with that sweet little habit that he can’t kick’. The music and lyrics have you routing for her! Makes you want to help her with his baggage.

When God Fearin’ Women Get the Blues, by Martina McBride

This fun video and song is about when a fine southern woman snaps when she finds out her man’s been cheating. The video is done up as a news story presenting this woman as ‘wanted’ ….’I got a mustang it’ll do 80 you don’t have to be my baby, I’ve stirred my last batch of gravy’. If you’re looking for a ‘lot of snark and sauce’, this is the song.

Like We Never Loved at All, by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

This beautiful and heartbreaking duet by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw sings about the rise and fall of a couple. She hears he’s doing fine, and she wonders, …does he even think of her…it’s actually painful to listen to with words like, ‘did you forget the magic, did you forget the passion’

Tonight I Wanna Cry, by Keith Urban

This terribly sad and beautiful song is about a guy whose lost the women he loves. He wasn’t the kind of man to open up and express himself, but now that she’s gone, tonight he wants to cry, alone suffering from the heartache of missing her. It’s brutally difficult to listen to, especially when it’s a man hurting this way.

 A Little Bit Stronger, by Sara Evans

This song is about moving forward, however it still reflects upon the pain as the wound is still fresh. The break up in this song has been about one week, so although she’s getting stronger, she’s only inching forward, day by day, minute by minute. She’s getting stronger, slowly…but she feels she’s moving forward.

Bring on the Rain, by Jo Dee Messina

This song is about being brave enough to face the pain that’s coming your way. You know it’s going to hurt you, but you’re willing to go through the hard times to get through to the light that waits for you on the other side of pain. It’s a very pretty, soft song that expresses a level of bravery.
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