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A Night of Just Kissing with Country Songs about Kissing

Planning a Night of Just Kissing?

A night of ‘just kissing’ is romance to the next level.

After all, kissing can be the sexiest, hottest part of intimacy, especially for married couples who tend to forget about this after several years of being hitched!

If you want to romance him/her in a way they’re not expecting, plan a date night that ends with only passionate kisses … could be challenging, but a ton of fun.

There are so many ways to plan this kind of night, so whether you’re taking him or her out, then back home for your kissing marathon, or you’re just staying in for a night of wine and kisses, you’re going to need a kissing playlist.

Below you’ll find a growing list of country songs about kissing. Just a heads up, you may not want to include the first song in your evening of passion; it’s sarcastically hilarious and titled ‘It’s Hard to Kiss those Lips at Night that Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long‘. You both have a sense of humor? Then include it, but you may not be able to stop laughing while you’re kissing to this one.

Featured Video Playlist: This video playlist includes every song that’s on the list below – the numbers are matched to each other. Once you click play on the video playlist you can scroll through the songs by hitting the double arrow forward or back. 

Country Songs about Kissing

When you're planning a night of just kissing, add these country tunes to your playlist.
The Notorious
Cherry Bombs
Faith Hill
Lady Antebellum
David Nail
Thompson Square
Shania Twain
Aaron Tippin
Sara Evans
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Toby Keith
Randy Rogers Band
Kid Rock
Thomas Rhett

The Games People Play

Kiss to every song on the list – take a breather in between each song. Don’t forget your supply of tic tacs. Be sure to check back when you need more ‘Kissing Country Songs’, as new kissing songs are always being added.

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