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Country Songs About Wanting More in Life

Country Songs about Wanting More in Life

Are you Fed up and ready to make changes in your life? Get Inspired & Take Action – Put these 4 Country Songs on Your Playlist

Listen to all twelve of the songs featured on the above-featured playlist.

So you’ve finally decided enough is enough! You want more from this life.

You haven’t reached your true potential, and you know it! It’s no secret to those around you either; they see you sitting on the sidelines of life, and it’s no surprise to them that you’ve finally decided to get in the game.

Does any of this sound like you? If it does, you can count on country music to have a song for you. We need more than Sunday plans to get us off of our behind and make changes in this life. We need a theme song, or better yet, we need a handful of theme songs.

Wanting something more in life and doing something about it are two different things, so this page is here to give you a shortlist of country songs you can call upon when you need a little musical motivation.

Featured Video: A Playlist featuring the four suggested country songs here about wanting more in life, as well as additional bonus selections. Listen to the playlist while you work.

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Fantastic Song for Those Seeking Hope that Someone they Love Will Change or Mend their Ways – ‘Some People Change’ by Montgomery Gentry

First, let me add condolences to the Gentry family. Rest in peace, Troy Gentry.

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This is a perfect song to give you hope that, yes, some people can change. Even if that person is you, this song can serve as an example of how people successfully move on from bad choices or no choices.

If you’re trying to point your life in a new direction, take heart from the challenging examples in this video of people changing their lives. The video starts with a young man trapped in a family with racist attitudes, yet he fights for his own beliefs and breaks the chain. The following example is a young mother who decides to quit drinking and finds the courage to change because of her young child.

Wanting something more in life can be as simple as choosing a better path than the one you’re on. If that’s your life story, this country song is for you.

“Here’s to the strong; thanks to the brave, don’t give up hope, some people change, against all odds, against the grain, love finds a way….some people change”

— Lyrics from ‘Some People Change’ by Montgomery Gentry

Some People Change is a song on the album of the same name released in 2006. Although not known as other songs like ‘What Do You Think About That’ and ‘Lucky Man,’ the song is utterly fantastic! The message is powerful; you’ll see in the video that the song is sung in Gospel format. Excellent song.

Tired of Your Job? Blast ‘Something More’ by Sugarland Through Those Headphones!

Something More by Sugarland is the first obvious choice for a song about going for the gusto in this life! If you’re at the point where you’re even considering a job change, then this pick-me-up-tune is what you’ll want as your anthem. Your job is exhausting you, your boss is draining your spirit, and the hours you’re keeping are eroding your chance at enjoying life the way you want to…if this sounds like you, this is your song.

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Making changes, especially job changes in a world where jobs can be hard to come by, takes thought, planning, and a measure of courage. If you’ve planned well and, after overthinking it to the max, are ready to plunge into ‘the new you, Something More tells your story: Monday, hard to wake up, fill my coffee cup, I’m out the door…I’m running out of gas and out of time….there’s gotta be something more, there’s gotta be more than this….'(lyrics).

‘I Ain’t Settlin’ Tired of Shooting to Low’ – Lyrics from Another Butt Kickin’ Song by Sugarland – Settlin’ by Sugarland

So you’ve been ‘settling’ your entire life, and you’ve had ‘enough of so-so,’ if that’s the case, then you need to add this song to your playlist. If you’ve decided to make significant changes in your life and are looking for a motivational tune to play, crank this puppy up!

I’ve recently made a big decision to make changes in my own life. This song gets played at least three times during my workout – hey, it doesn’t matter how old you are, we all need inspiration, and changing our life for the better can begin at any age; you don’t have to be 20 or 30 to make life-altering decisions; try it at 50, 60, 70 or even 80! Why not? Implementing change requires a plan; let’s face it, it also works better with a great song.

The lyrics to this song are terrific! They’ll get you moving and thinking, and best of all, if you remember to call upon this song when you’re slipping, it’ll help keep you on track!

“With some good red wine and my brand new shoes, Gonna dance a blue streak around my living room”

— Lyrics from ‘Settlin’ by Sugarland

‘I’ve Dealt with my Ghosts, and I’ve Faced all my Demons Finally Content with a Past I Regret’ (Lyrics) – I’m Movin’ On by Rascal Flatts

I’m Movin’ On is a much softer song about wanting more in life, and the lyrics describe a person who’s finally content with who they are. They’ve forgiven themselves for all their mistakes and bad choices. They’ve decided to change their life in a significant way; they’re leaving town; they’re moving on.

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The song speaks about a person realizing that, although no one in their circle of life means them harm, they won’t be allowed to change unless they leave. It’s been a long, hard road, but they’ve finally found peace within themselves. Perhaps, as the song says, ‘forgiveness will find them somewhere down this road.’

This song is powerful for those making life-changing choices about moving away or leaving a particular situation.

“I’ve lived in this place and I know all the faces, Each one is different but they’re always the same, They mean me no harm but it’s time that I face it, They’ll never allow me to change”

— Lyrics from I’m Movin’ On, by Rascal Flatts

Preview of Each Song:

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  1. There is nothing like good music to get the creative juices flowing and the body moving. Thank you for sharing these upbeat songs. That first video certainly had some powerful images and messages. Blew me away.

  2. thanks Kathryn for stopping by. A day without music is like a day without sunshine isn’t it? glad you enjoyed the song, one of my faves, and you’re sure right about the message and images.

  3. The songs you choose are always perfect for any emotion you’re spotlighting, whether it’s love, or loss, or cheating, or fun, or in this case, wanting to change your life. This is perfect for you!!

  4. Thanks Nancy, it’s an always growing list, so if you think of any feel free to post them in the comments <3

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