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Country Songs for Birthdays About Life, Partying, Hope & Growth!

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The songs featured in this list reflect a multitude of emotions as they relate to life and growth. Some are filled with hope about tomorrow, others about lessons learned, and of course, what’s a birthday without the classsic upbeat song ‘My Wish’ by Rascal Flatts! – Be sure to check back, songs are always being added!

The number of the song in the Playlist matches the number of the song listed below; simply scroll through them on the Playlist by using the double arrow forward or double arrow back. The arrows don’t show until you hit play on the first song.

Where there’s been an Emotion-Review written, you can read more about the song when you Visit the ER – Enjoy!

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The Essential Martina McBride - Martina McBride
Trip Around the Sun
On this Album

If You’re Spending Way to Much Time Online Searching for Just the Right Country Songs for Birthdays, then You’ve Come to the Right Place! I’ve Already Put the Time In So You Don’t Have to!

Since listening to the messages written in country song lyrics is what I spend most of my time doing, here on Drageda I’m sharing these finds with you!

The country music song lists are constantly growing, so although today you’ll see a certain number of country songs relating to birthdays featured below, as more are discovered, they’re added. So be sure to check back frequently when you need a country music birthday song!

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