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Good Country Songs for Fathers

Growing Collection of Country Songs for Fathers Chosen for their Powerful Lyric and Perspective – Find just the right song with just the right words

Whether the country song you’re searching for is from the perspective of a son, wife, stepchild or dad himself, this growing list of songs offers a variety of recommendations.

The featured country songs for fathers listed below are part of a constantly growing list, so be sure to check back for more songs down the road. If you would like to recommend a country song for dads, be sure to mention it in the comments below.

These songs reflect multiple perspectives; from dad’s view of life, from a stepson to a step-dad, from son to father, missing dad who has sadly passed away, to a father daughter relationship and more.

If you’re on a MOBILE Device and can’t see the above songs on video, you can listen to them here.

Songs for Dads

Growing list of Country Music Songs to Honor Dad
What is 'ER' - Stands for 'Emotional Review'
Country SongType
& Review
Son to Father
Song for My Father
Daughter to Father
A Father's Love
Son to Father
I Love You This Much
Read ER Here
Son to Father
Absentee Dad
A Good Man
Read ER Here

A Good Dad
Testify to Love
Read ER Here
Lived a Life of Love
That's My Job
Son to Father
Understanding Dad
The Greatest Man
I Never Knew
Daughter to Dad
Absentee Dad
One Wing in
the Fire
Son to Father
Dad's not Perfect
He Didn't Have
to Be
Son to StepDad
Leave Here
Dying Young
Read ER Here
Son to Father
An Involved Dad
My Little Girl
Father to Daughter
You're Gonna
Miss This
Father Advice
Through the Years
Father Life Reflection
Don't Blink
Father Life Reflection
Walkin In My
Father's Shoes
Son for Passed
On Father
Dance With
Me Daddy
Daughter to Father
I Learned
From You
Daughter to Father
I Still Miss You
Read ER Here
Son Missing Dad
The Walk
Father Son Song
You Can Let
Go Now Daddy
Read ER Here
Daughter to Dad
Passing Away
They Don't Make
'Em Like that

Read ER Here
For Old School
Dad or Grandad
Hands of A
Working Man
Honoring Hardworking
It Takes a Man
Wife to Husband
for Father's Day
Family Man
Husband to Family
Honoring Grandpa
Anything Like Me
Father for
Newborn Son
Mr. Mom
Stay At Home Dad
Journey of
Your Life
Advice from Dad
to Son
Little Guy
Father to Young Son
My Daughter's
Father to Daughter
Watching You
Father & Young Son
What I Never Knew
I Always Wanted
[Read ER Here]

To Husband & Son
From Wife
My Old Man
Son to Father
What the Preacher Meant
Father's Love of Family

A Video Poem to Honor a Strained Father and Son Relationship About the Loss of a Father

Read More about the Poem Here

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  1. Merry says:

    That is such a great selection. I hope our children have the same love and honor for their fathers too.

  2. Thanks Merry, always appreciate your visits

  3. Just listened to the Song for My Father. What a beautiful tribute. How strong she must feel, having such a presence in her life, even after he’s gone. Thank you for compiling this list. I will listen to more of the songs over time.

  4. When I married my amazing wife, she already had 2 girls, but I fell in love with all 3 of them. I love those girls as if they were my own and am so thankful that God put them in my life. I wrote a song that really hits on this and just wanted to share this with everyone. It would be a great Fathers Day song, but I believe it truly fits for anytime of the year. Would you add this to your playlist? Check it out, it might be worthy.


  5. Lorne, thank you for sharing your song. It’s beautiful and the lyrics express your feelings beautifully. I’ve added it to the list of father song here and on the youtube playlist.

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