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Wisecracking Country Songs for Ticked Off Working Women

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List of Workin' Women Songs

A Growing List of Wisecracking, Fun, and Inspirational songs for hardworking, happy, and tired Workin' Women!

It Happens, by Sugarland – Yep, it’s a Play on Words, Shhhh…it Happens!

Oh yeah, you’ve really messed up today! Your alarm clock didn’t go off, the boss is out of his mind ’cause you’re late, and to cap it all off, you head to work with two different shoes on!

If you’ve ever had one of these days, then ‘It Happens’ is your own personal theme song!

(Lyrics) Now it’s poor me, why me, oh me, boring, boring, the same old worn-out blah blah story; there’s no good explanation for it at all

What’s worse, your bad day keeps going like a freaking run-away-train! You attract every bad luck thing that could go wrong; let’s see, you had a flat, borrowed your neighbor’s car, then, just for good measure, ended up in an accident! Thank Gawd you weren’t hurt!

The song lyrics offer up some good advice for a day like this: Let go laughing, …it happens. Honestly, if your day is THIS bad, the only thing you should do is laugh; any other reaction wouldn’t be good for your ticker or blood pressure!

Love on the Inside – Sugarland:

Love on the Inside features 12 terrific songs by Sugarland. ‘It Happens’ reached number 1 on the US Hot Country Billboard Chart in 2009. No matter what the reviewers have to say about this ‘almost-a-bad-word’ song, the average working gal can absolutely relate to the wreck of a day!

Somethin’ Bad, by Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert

For the ladies out there who’ve not only had enough but plan to leave a legacy of bad behind in their fed-up world!

(Lyrics) Stand on the bar, stomp your feet, start clapping; got a real good feeling something bad about to happen

Granted, this one is more of an after-work song. For whatever reason, your day didn’t end very well, or you’ve maxed out in the area of patience! Whatever happened to you, it doesn’t matter; you’ve decided to let the chips fall!

Make this your song of choice, so you DON’T do something bad! Live vicariously through it instead of actually snapping …. it’s safer, and you won’t get arrested.

Somethin’ Bad (Duet with Carrie Underwood) – Featured on Miranda Lambert’s Album Platinum

If you watched the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, you would have seen this duet’s premiere by Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert. The song peaked at number one, and it’s the first time in about 20 years that two solo artists who’ve teamed up reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Chart.

When God Fearin’ Women Get the Blues, by Martina McBride

This lady snaps for a couple of reasons; her lying cheatin bastid of a husband and her prim and proper life … it was all too much. She’s gone postal.

This picture-perfect couple ain’t so perfect when she’s done! After 25 years of marriage to her Sheriff hubby, his unfaithful antics are called out in public, and her perfect southern lady image burns up in 10 seconds!

(Lyric) Lock up your husbands, Lock up your sons, Lock up your whiskey cabinets, Girls, lock up your guns

She’s not only leaving him, but she’s also doing it in Thelma and Louise style! ‘Taint no way she’s putting up with his bull, and she’s letting everyone who gets in her way know…’ no more messing with me people’!

Of course, this is all for fun…so if you find yourself in a similar situation, again, watch the video for some release, don’t actually do this! If you do, video it…you could end up being a YouTube sensation … giving you a final laugh too! <–Just kidding, you know!

You’ll Find ‘When God Fearin Women Get the Blues’ on Martina McBride’s 2001 Greatest Hits Album

This is a fantastic album filled with 19 of Martina McBride’s hit songs: Blessed, Concrete Angel, Where Would You Be, Independence Day, Broken Wing, and many more! A collection of wonderful songs to add to your playlist!

Honey I’m Home, by Shania Twain

Here’s another ‘EVERYTHING’s GONE WRONG TODAY’ country song! The car doesn’t start, there’s a run in her hose, her hair went flat, and she forgot her purse. Guys may not appreciate just how bad this day is! Other than the part about the car, that is!

If you’ve ever run out of the house and gotten halfway to your destination without your purse, then you know exactly how much this sucks! Not only are you driving without everything you need in your purse, but you’re also probably driving without a copy of your driver’s license on you.

(Lyrics) This job ain’t worth the pay, Can’t wait ’til the end of the day, Honey, I’m on my way

When she gets home, she’s hoping for a nice gift from hubby…’a foot rub, and a nice cold beer’. Wow, we are living in modern times. Can you imagine this picture 100 years ago…it would be completely reversed! Actually, it still is in many cultures, not in this song though, it’s all about a tired and peeved workin’gal!

You’ll Find ‘Honey I’m Home’ on Shania Twain’s 1998 Album ‘Come on Over’

What a great album! You’ll find 16 of Shania Twain’s songs featured here, including numerous hits; Man I Feel Like a Woman, Don’t Be Stupid, From this Moment On, and You’re Still the One. Honey I’m Home was released in 1998 as the sixth single. The song peaked in Canada and the US at number 1 on their respective country charts.

9 to 5 by Dolly Parton – Who Hasn’t Heard this Song!

Pure frustration, that’s what this working lady feels! She swears her boss is out to get her, and she’s determined not to let him take her dreams away!

She’s working for ‘the man,’ and it’s all taking and no giving…it’s a rich man’s game, and you spend your life putting money in his wallet (lyrics). Hmm, this song goes back decades, yet some things never change! I would guess there are many working women (and men) who feel the same way today!

The song says, ‘they just use your mind, and they never give you credit.’ Oh my, how true that is, even today! How many times have we heard the story of ‘that was my idea’ without a single piece of credit attributed to the person who actually deserved the recognition. As a woman in the workforce for decades, I can personally attest to this.

There’s always a bright side to having your thoughts ‘borrowed’ …. they’re still our thoughts, and ultimately we have the power to create our own dream with them – we have to take control of where those thoughts should be steered.

Have you kissed 9 to 5 goodbye?

Find 9 to 5 on Dolly Parton’s 1980 Album ‘9 to 5 and Odd Jobs’

This song was written for the movie of the same name. It was released in 1980 and has received numerous honors, including position 78 in the American Film Institutes top 100 songs of 100 years.

Did you know that in 1980 there were two songs released with 9 to 5 in the title, this one, and Sheena Easton’s song 9 to 5 Morning Train … Guess we know what the theme of 1980 was!


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  1. Well, I totally enjoyed every one of these, and what a blast from the past with Dolly’s Workin’ 9 to 5. I could have sworn I saw San Francisco’s beloved Brown twins wearing one of their iconic outfits in that video. But the rest, my goodness, the videos are breathtaking and the music had me rockin’. Thanks for a lovely break this morning. Shared.

  2. Kathryn, thanks for stopping by! Glad you had a little music in your life today :)

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