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Country Songs about Grandparents

Growing List of Country Songs about Grandparents – Find the Right Song with the Right Words to Honor Your Grandfather or Grandmother

One of the most powerful country songs about grandparents and aging is ‘When You Are Old‘ by Martina McBride. It’s the second song on the above playlist.

The first song featured at the moment is Raymond’ by Brett Eldredge. Do yourself a favor and listen to the lyrics for both songs. ‘Raymond‘ is about an elderly lady in Assisted Living who thinks one of the employees is her son, who passed away in 1971: (Lyrics) ‘She calls me Raymond, thinks I’m her son, tells me ‘get washed up for supper before your daddy gets home’ – Take a minute and watch this heartfelt video. You won’t be disappointed; it will be a few more minutes of your day well spent.

Honestly, it’s hard to get through both of these songs. As a daughter who remembers her parents as strong, young and fearless, it’s one of the most grueling parts of life to watch them age, and ultimately become frail. It doesn’t matter that we’re all headed in this direction, the truth is, bearing witness may be more complicated than going through it. I say that only because I would rather go through the aging process, difficulties, and all without my children having to feel a sense of pain, loss, and the burdens of added responsibility.

Featured VIDEO Playlist: Listen to all the songs featured below on the above Playlist! – Scroll through the songs if you need to by clicking on the arrow forward or arrow back buttons on the video; you’ll see they’re numbered.

The next song that comes to mind when I think about aging, and grandparents, as well as surviving spouses,  is ‘Thank You’ by Johnny Reid. Because of the song’s powerful and very personal message, I’ve penned a full review on this song here.

It’s one of the most moving songs you’ll hear. The reflections are of an elderly wife moving out of their family home after the passing of her husband. An entire life reflected in the multiple meanings of ‘Thank You.’

Rascal Flatts’ incredible song Ellsworth is up next! It’s so moving; it’s been given its own full-page emotion-review. If you’re at the stage of life where your loved ones are aging, with the unfortunate loss of memory from Alzheimer’s or Dementia, you’ll be moved to tears with this song.

I found myself gasping a little after hearing it (in a good way…if there’s such a thing). The song writing for this is perfection – story telling at it’s best.

One of the most moving songs you’ll ever hear is a song called, Forever Changed by Carrie Underwood – Read and Listen Here

If you have a loved one who has Alzheimer’s or Dementia, you’ll want to listen to this song. Get out the tissues though, Ms. Underwood stated that it’s so emotional for her that you’ll probably never hear her sing it live.

ER - Emotion Review
Song on iTunesSong on Amazon
Raymond -1


When You Are Old - 2

When You Are Old

[Visit the ER]
Thank You - 3

Kicking Stones

[Visit the ER]
Ellesworth 4
On Amazon
Grandpa - 5
On Amazon
They Don't Make
'Em Like That
Anymore - 6

They Don't Make Em' Like That Anymore

[Visit the ER]
Forever Changed - 7

Forever Changed

[Visit the ER]
Love Like Crazy - 8

Love Like Crazy

[Visit the ER]
Leave Here
Dying Young - 9

Leave Here Dying Young

[Visit the ER]
Grandpa Tell Me
'bout the Good
Ole Days - 10
Available on Amazon
Grandpa Told
Me So -11

Grandpa Told Me So

When I Get Where
I'm Going - 12

When I Get Where I'm Going

Those I've Loved - 13

Those I've Loved

Dirt - 14


That's How I
Wanna Go Out - 15


I Want You to Live - 16

I Want You to Live

The Grandpa
That I Know - 17

The Grandpa That I Know (Album Version)

A Father's Love - 18
On Amazon
He Walked On Water - 19

He Walked On Water

My Grandfather's Clock - 20

My Grandfather's Clock

You Should Be Here - 21
On Amazon

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Don’t Miss: ‘That’s How I Wanna Go Out by Deric Ruttan‘ – A song about a man whose given bad news about his health and says ‘I came into this world in the arms of a woman who loves me, that’s how I wanna go out‘ – Beautiful song.

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