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Country Songs about Looking Back on Life

Are you feeling reflective or nostalgic about life?

Maybe you have a family event or party to plan that requires country music that talks about looking back on life?

You can count on Country Music to provide a song that tells the story of a life, in fact there are so many terrific country tunes that meet this criteria that it’s impossible to list them all here. However, here you’ll find 4 of my own top choices as well as a Playlist of additional ‘life reflection’ country songs to sort through.

Country Songs About Looking Back on Life

(Listen While You Work: The Above Video Playlist Presents Over 29 Songs about Life Reflection – You Can Find all the Songs in the Video and the ‘Featured 4’ in the list below)

1. The House That Built Me, by Miranda Lambert – Featured at the Top

This song ranks at  the top of my list as one of the most powerful and sad tunes. However the sadness isn’t for what happened, but rather for a time in life that has passed, and often it’s when we’re a great  distance from our yesterdays that we’re able to see the ultimate beauty we were  living at that time.

Since most of us can relate to this song, I’ve found myself writing about it multiple times, including here on this page; Loss of a Mother.

If you haven’t heard ‘The House That Built Me’, then take a few minutes and enjoy – you won’t be disappointed, the video, music and lyrics are top rate.

 2. Young, by Kenny Chesney

Young by Kenny Chesney takes you back to your youth! High school, fun weekends, dating, heading to the river with your buddies…all of the things we had no idea we would miss so much 20 years later! As the song says, ‘we were wannabe rebels that didn’t have a clue with our rock and roll tee-shirts and our typically bad attitude’….Young…Wishing we were Older’. The lyrics express what a lot of us feel; we can’t believe how fast time goes. Kenny Chesney seems to have a solid grasp on this concept, because the number 3 pick for this page is also by Kenny Chesney.

3. Don’t Blink, by Kenny Chesney

If you need a song that gives you a huge dose of respect for time, and how quickly it goes, this is the song. In fact, for my parents 50th anniversary we put together a family video and used this song as one of three to feature just how fast life can spin passed us. Every time I hear this song, it brings me back to our family’s story, and my parents 50th. Dad passed last year, and because there are no words for this kind of loss,  this song has become part of my soul’s journey in this life. Don’t Blink…’cause just like that you’re 6 years old and you take a nap, and you wake up and your 25…’ ‘turnin’ into mom’s and dad’s…next thing you know your better half is there in bed, you’re wishing it was you instead..’

Don’t Blink is one of the best songs about time passing by and thus is also  featured here where four additional country songs about time passing are reviewed.

4.  Taking the Long Way Around, by The Dixie Chicks

This isn’t a typical time passing song in that it doesn’t center on reflection and memories. Instead, Taking the Long Way Around focuses on an individual’s approach to riding their journey in life  on their terms, and their way. While their friends were  marrying out of high school, they were  living life on the road, ‘taking the long way around’. Like hippies and gypsy’s, they wandered and did things on their terms without kissing asses along the way. I’ll venture a guess that this song could be an anthem for a lot of people! Individuality reigns supreme these days.

 More Songs! All Songs Are Featured On the Video Playlist at the Top of This Page:

Country Songs about Looking Back on Life, Growing Up, Life Reflections

A growing list of country songs about looking back on your youth, and moving forward. This list could be used for special occasions about time passing; graduations, anniversaries, a long lost love and more.
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Country Songs About Looking Back on Life
Country Songs About Looking Back on Life
Country songs about looking back on life that range from reflective, to giving advice, to the memories of being young, to finding your path your own way. - The Heart of Country Music
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  1. Cynthia says:

    Country songs do have a way of singing our lives. These are all great examples of music we can all relate to.

  2. Susan says:

    Country music does give us the lessons of our lives in song. Being a grandmother causes me to often look back on my life and the growing up years of my own children. Here’s to looking at life from all angles.

  3. so true, there’s a song for just about everything isn’t there

  4. dawn rae says:

    I like all of these songs, but I really love the song “Don’t Blink”. Oh so true.

  5. You are slowly but surely, making me become a fan of country music.

  6. Olivia says:

    That’s why everyone love country music. You can relate to the words and it sounds like they have lived in your shoes. Sometimes they are great healing songs, where you can let your emotions run until they have run out of energy and you can move on!

  7. Shinichi! that’s awesome, I love it 🙂 – and I love all your recipes too!

  8. It’s so true Olivia, just came in from a walk, listening to country songs on my playlist and one of them was so personal to me it’s all I could do to keep it together on my walk!

  9. Dawn that song video is amazing isn’t it – the old man telling people how fast it goes by, and it sure does

  10. Kim says:

    I must admit that I have never heard any of these songs. I’m not a huge country fan. I love Georgia Rain though..and Kenny Rogers songs. He is from my day lol

  11. Hi, thanks for stopping by. You may have caught a few of these on the radio without knowing the titles – love all the stories in country songs, and yes Georgia Rain and Kenny Rogers songs are timeless for sure 🙂

  12. Brenda says:

    great list of songs

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