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Country Songs about the Loss of a Friend

The loss of a close friend is brutal. As many of us know, friendships that last a lifetime are equal to family, and moving on in life without that support system can be as painful as losing a blood relative…sometimes more painful.

Suppose you’re looking for country songs about the loss of a friend. In that case, the lyrics to these five gorgeous choice songs talk about this pain from various perspectives: a friend, a friend who is a lover, a friend who is family, a friend who passed too young, and the passing of a friend when the relationship wasn’t on the best of terms.

My Old Friend by Tim McGraw

This song has a quick beat with beautiful lyrics of a friend saying goodbye to his old friend. Although the music isn’t sad, somehow, the words still strike the chords of loss. It makes you think of an older couple or friends; one has passed on, and the other is ‘dusting off those memories, as the lyrics say.

I Miss My Friend by Darryl Worley

This song is about lovers, a couple, who were best friends. He sings about missing the physical closeness of love but misses his friend, the one he confided in and poured his heart and soul into. The song is sad, almost to the point where it hurts to hear the words. If you’ve lost the love of your life, your best friend, this song is an emotional piece to listen to. Skip it if you’re feeling too emotional right now.

The Road and The Radio by Kenny Chesney

It is a reflective song about losing a friend or loved one. The lyrics talk about how unfair it was that ‘they died too young, and it goes on to wonder what they’d be like today – would they have followed their dreams, had a family? The words leave you feeling the horrible unfairness of a life cut short.

I Will Remember You by Sarah Mclachlan

This song would suit someone looking for lyrics about a friend who passed away with whom the relationship may not have ended on the best of terms. It could also work for those who were once a couple, again where the relationship was unfinished. The song’s mood is somber, with the words “I Will Remember You, Will You Remember Me” expressed almost as a peace offering.

Sissy’s Song, by Alan Jackson

This song is about a daughter, wife, and mother who passed away. Alan Jackson tells the story of a woman with all those who loved her taken. The lyrics are about not understanding how this could be and reassuring her that she’s letting her loved ones know, ‘Don’t worry about me.’ It’s not as gloomy as most songs about death; I would classify this tune as musically pretty.

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  1. Ruth Cox says:

    Tonight it is Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You” that I am listening to… Thank you!

  2. Thinking of you and TidBit tonight Ruth <3

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