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6 Country Songs that Calm You Down

6 Country Songs that Calm You DownSometimes the right country song can be our therapist.

Let’s face it though, one person’s idea of being calmed down is another person’s idea of pushing buttons.

As an example, getting lost in a country song that redirects your stress to the mundane may be relaxing to some while listening to a song that more specifically relates to your own story works best for others.

Here you’ll find six country songs that calm you down, and that specifically speak to different areas of life.

Some fall into the ‘get my mind off of things category,’ while others are more life-topic specific.

Add each of them to your playlist and, when you feel you need a little calming, blast them through your headphones!

(1) Beer With Jesus, by Thomas Rhett

If you could have a beer with Jesus, what would you talk about? Would you ask him how he was always able to turn the other cheek to save others? Maybe you’d ask how he changed a sinners heart, or what’s on the other side and is mom and daddy alright?

If life is stressing you out, and you need a bit of spiritual calm, this gorgeous song by Thomas Rhett is both memorable and reflective. Taking stock of our lives often hits us in times of stress, and perhaps we find our way by merely growing through our painful lessons or experiences.

Get it on iTunes – Beer With Jesus by Thomas Rhett

 (2) Go On  Without Me, by Brett Eldredge

If someone you love has passed away,  and you need reassurance, this incredible song encourages you in a positive and slightly uplifting way.  The song is so powerful in its message that I’ve written about the song as it relates to the loss of my own loved one. You can read that country music review on ‘Go On Without Me,’ here.

Get it on iTunes – Go On Without Me, by Brett Eldredge

(3) Wake Me Up, by Tebey Featuring Emerson Drive

The fast past melody of this song gives you the feeling of moving forward in life. It makes you feel as though you’re on an actual road trip, a trip that represents your road of life. As the lyrics say, ‘Wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wiser, and I’m older, all this time I was finding myself, I didn’t know I was lost.’ If you’re looking for a tune that gives you a sense of growth, coupled with a little excitement, then this choice works. There’s nothing sad about this one!

Get it on iTunes – Wake Me Up by Tebey Featuring Emerson Drive

 (4) My Front Porch Looking In, by Lonestar

Are you looking for a song that talks about how much joy and love you get from just being with your family? If so, this downright happy song about how the ‘view he loves the most, is his front porch looking in’ is the one to choose! He talks about watching his little guy as he holds a sippy cup of milk and his little blue-eyed blonde daughter walking around with her shoes on wrong! If you have little ones running around the house, you’ll enjoy the truth about love here!

Get it on iTunes – Lonestar, My Front Porch Looking In

(5) Helluva Life, by Frankie Ballard

This song is probably the best lazy day tune about enjoying life. There’s no doubt that Frankie Ballard relaxes the listener in this song. A feel-good tune that focuses on the simple joys we experience on a day of relaxation, Helluva Life brings you right into line with the calmness we crave on those R&R days. If an uncomplicated, peace-filled song is your thing, then lay back and crank this one up!

Get it on iTunes – Helluva Life, by Frankie Ballard

(6) That’s What I Love About Sunday, by Craig Morgan

Pure peace, that’s what this song is. Relaxing, calming, restful; those are the emotions you feel when listening to this one. It doesn’t have to be Sunday to either – Those lovely walks and quiet moments of reflection can happen on any day and should you need a little calm that reminds you you’re meant to live a balanced life, ‘That’s What I Love About Sunday‘ does this and more! Be sure to include it on your ‘calm me down list.’

Get it on iTunes – That’s What I Love About Sunday by Craig Morgan

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