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Elvis Saved My Life – Original Song Lyrics

Filed in Life Poems, Virtue Poems & Lyrics by on May 1, 2009 3 Comments • views: 2658

Elvis Saved My Life


Parked at Lover’s Lane

holding Billy’s hand

his eyes connected deeply to mine

he was looking lookin’ to be my man

that radio was playin’ “kiss me all the way songs”

we felt our bodies melting and lock

and I was ready to go along

’til the DJ woke us up

and out blared “Jailhouse Rock”

his lips backed off of mine, and

Yes! our mood changed on a dime!


It could’a ‘bin

Babies & Bottles

before my time

It could’a ‘bin tears and stolen years

It could’a ‘bin a memory I wished to forget

It could’a ‘bin my longest goodnight

and yet,

that’s right,

Elvis saved my life that night


The summer of ’62

he took me to dinner

and spent a lot’ a money too

It was seafood, smiles and footsie’s under our table

It was champagne and a toast to us

He stood tall like such a man

asked me to dance

we were hand in hand

spinning me into his grasp

he said “guess you know I’m not usually a big spender”

and with a nod towards the band they started to play

“Love Me Tender”

“Marry Me” spoke his lips as they melted into mine

and Yes! you guessed it,

Our mood changed on a dime!


It could’a ‘bin

Babies and Bottles

before our time

It coulda’ bin

tears and stolen years

instead of a memory we’ll never forget

It was our longest kiss goodnight

and Yes!

that’s Right!

Elvis saved my life that night


He was sixteen, she was twenty-one

Billy and I deeply in love

with both our daughter and our son

She was off to college

and we were worried

cause that night our boy was taking his girl

to that kissin’ spot up on that hill

so we took a drive to our favorite place in the meadow

when the radio started to play the saddest song

we ever heard

about a mother and the ghetto

and we knew then

he’d be just fine

as we shared the greatest gift of all

our smiles and peace of mind

and Yes! our mood changed on a dime


It was Babies and Bottles

when it was time

it was love and laughter

through all our years

It was memories we never forget

our life goes on

and we’re reminded by song

that it’s all right

Yes, all is right,

and it was Elvis who saved our life those nights

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

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  1. Nancy Hardin says:

    Loved the poem! I would not doubt that he saved many lives with his music, in so many ways! Thanks Barbara for sharing with us!

  2. Thanks Nancy, Elvis’ number one fan I suspect!

  3. Pat, he surely did 🙂 thanks for stopping by today

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