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Since My Family Never Reads My Poetry

Filed in Funny & Sarcastic Poems/Lyrics, Funny Family Poetry by on April 27, 2009 0 Comments • views: 2501

I’m gonna tell you all their wicked little secrets
wait till you hear this stuff
*rubs hand in evil twist*…
I mean, since I don’t have to worry
about them ever finding … THIS WEB PAGE!
Payback’s a bee-ouch.
You won’t believe what your eyes are about to smell
hold on to your suntans and get ready,
I call this: “Reality Poetry”…
oh yeah baby, it’s gonna curl your nose hairs.
All their juicy tidbits or rather
gone awry
every twitch they make,
on www display
ooooh, you will be so entertained and I will be so
therapied. <—(Move over Colbert, this word’s mine)
It’s going to be my finest moment and face it,
you WILL need some popcorn for this.
I’ll wait.
Go get some.
Now, for the ‘fiesta-resistance’
Get out the tissues,
cause you are going to cry from laughing.
Ok, first my Seven children…
umm, what’s that sneer dear reader,
“I’m contributing to over-population, am I?”
I heard that thought.
Seven children, and who is reading this? YOU.
Yes, my web-child, you.
All the tales of holy-cow are about to reach you.
Take a deep breath and hold on
for the wildest ride of your life…
Here Goes:
One is sort of like ‘you know’,
and three are like ‘exactly that’,
two are … yep.. you guessed it!
and one is everything you’re thinking!
Tune in next week.
When I spill about everyone else…
stayed tuned.

”Alla Famiglia!”

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Copyrighted

Since My Family Never Reads My Poetry:
Ok. Who’s reading your poetry? Is it your family? Well, if they aren’t, here’s a little “www” threat you can toss their way 🙂 Plus I figure I have a good shot at having my poetry whipped out at my funeral – great stuff here for the Eulogy: Gonna call my first poetry book – “Things to Read After I Bite It”

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