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Greeting Card Sayings for Fathers

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Are you having problems finding the best words to write in a Father’s Day Greeting or Dad’s Birthday Card?

Or maybe you’re just giving Dad a card for no reason except to say ‘thank you for being a great dad’? If that’s the case, below, you’ll find 50 original sayings for Father to write on his card or even text to him.

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50 Original Greeting Card Sayings for Fathers – or Texting
  1. You are the kind of Dad most girls dream of having; I’m truly blessed that you’re my father
  2. You have always made me feel loved and safe, thank you for being amazing
  3. Dad, in this world there are givers, and there are takers, you are surely the world’s biggest giver
  4. Dad, your guidance has led me to be the man I am today
  5. When they were handing out brains for how to be a dad, you got them all
  6. You have loved with 200% of your soul, and everyone around you knows that
  7. I would choose you as my dad in every single lifetime
  8. A father holds us for our whole life, no matter where we go, and where we are
  9. You are the strongest man I know with the softest heart there is
  10. The kind of father you are is the kind of father every child should have
  11. I don’t feel I thank you enough, and I want you to know that everything you do for me does not go unnoticed
  12. All that matters to me today is that you know I love you with all my heart
  13. Even if you never hear me say it, I want you to know that I always think about you
  14. Dad gives everyone their power in the family; he’s the real Superman
  15. Dad’s protection keeps our hearts and minds safe
  16. You were a part of my life from the moment I was born, and you’ve never left; you are my father
  17. A dad is like a magician; he always has endless hugs on him to give out
  18. My father is the reason I believe in angels
  19. My dad leads the way by being the best example for all of us
  20. Father’s sometimes win all the awards for patience
  21. When I think of kindness, integrity, and heart, Dad, I think of you
  22. You are what holds us together, but you still teach us to be strong on our own
  23. I have never let go of you Daddy, even when you had to leave
  24. My mind keeps telling me that there must be many other dads like you, but my heart knows that’s impossible
  25. Just knowing dad is there, brings a daughter peace
  26. Daughters feel their dads are their biggest protectors in this world
  27. Children follow their father’s lead more than the words they speak
  28. A father holds his family tight so he can keep them safe forever
  29. My father has taught me that following your heart is what leads you home
  30. Love leads me home to my dad
  31. No matter my struggles, I always remember the person who loves me through it all is my dad
  32. The biggest love I’ve ever felt is the grace of my father’s love
  33. Dad’s are the best teachers, and my dad is the greatest
  34. Liking my Dad is the best part of Loving my Dad
  35. A father who is both liked and loved by his kids is the real deal
  36. I’m proud to call you my dad
  37. I feel so proud when I announce to people that I’m your daughter
  38. Becoming a Dad and being a Dad are two different things; you my father, mastered both
  39. To have this love in me Dad, you must have done a lot of things right
  40. I love my father; he loves me; what more is there
  41. You watched over me my whole life, and in my heart, you are my only father
  42. Dad, you deserve the best things in life, because you have earned great love from all of us
  43. When I lost my father, my safe place evaporated
  44. Dad, you make me want to achieve my dreams more than anything else because I want to make you proud
  45. Fathers often put aside their dreams to help their children succeed; I just wanted you to know I noticed what you did and appreciate it with all my heart
  46. A great father leads, then follows, then let’s go
  47. Dad, you held my hand when I was little, and as hold your hand today it’s with love and thanks for who you are as a person
  48. We don’t often tell you Dad just how much we love you, so please know that you are appreciated and loved very deeply
  49. Dad, you are the King in my life, and nothing will ever change that
  50. Dad, you deserve more love than I can ever give you in one lifetime

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