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A Soothing Feel Good Country Song

I believe that Helluva Life, by Frankie Ballard, is heading straight to the top! This song has a way of bringing everything right back to the simple things in life. There’s something about the calming music combined with the country life lyrics that leave you with a happy feeling; it sure does for me!

Something about the Night Girl, When you got the right girl, Sittin’ right Beside you, Lookin’ at the Sky, Girl (Lyrics)

The lyrics remind us how to find happiness in the smallest things: spending a summer night with someone we love, a simple night gathering with friends, or an evening out with our child. The casual flowing nature of daily routines depicted in the video reminds us that we don’t have to have grand plans to have a ‘helluva life.’

Well, we all have Faith, and we all have Hope, But We’re all a Little Lost in the Same Damn Boat.


At some point in a song, the song will have a specific lyric that pulls me in to take notice; the above lyric is when that happened. Even though I had heard the song a few times before, I hadn’t processed the words. Upon hearing this part in the song, I knew I had to pay closer attention to discover the song’s story – I loved it that much more! It happens to be one of those songs you can listen to repeatedly!

About Frankie Ballard (Frank Robert “Frankie” Ballard IV)

Frankie is an American Country Music Singer-Songwriter, born December 16th, 1982, in Battle Creek, Michigan. In 2008, he won Kenny Chesney’s Next Big Star Competition. He’s had two album releases, one self-titled in 2010 and the other featured here, Sunshine and Whiskey, in February 2014. His success includes having three songs chart on the Hot Country Song Charts: Tell Me You Get Lonely, A Buncha Girls, & Helluva Life – I’m sticking with my prediction that Helluva Life is heading to #1 – Edit: It did, in fact, reach number 1 for US Country Billboard Airplay (2013-2014)

More on  Frankie Ballard on his Website, Facebook and Twitter.

Find ‘Helluva a Life’ on Frankie Ballard’s Album Sunshine and Whiskey below on Amazon – Just the Song or the Album:

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  1. A shiny black motorcycle and a shiny black axe can still get this old lady’s blood going. The song isn’t bad either!

  2. Kathryn, lol! I listen to this song often when I need something light!

  3. Lori says:

    I’ve felt we’re all lost in the same damn boat for years now!

  4. lol Lori! that’s a great line isn’t it – and it fits!

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