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Fun Astrology Fridge Magnets

Filed in Original Gift Ideas by on November 13, 2012 0 Comments • views: 2250

Astrology Fridge Magnets to Have Fun With Everyone’s Birthday in the House!

Your sign says you have a Naughty Side and a Nice Side! Find your fun astrology magnet for the fridge, or even better, plaster the entire family’s Nice and Naughty side on the fridge (that ‘otta get a laugh or two).

To Help You Find the Right Astrology Fridge Magnet, Here’s the Breakdown of Each Astrology Sign, along with their Symbol and their associated Element; (Fire, Earth, Air, Water)

21.Mar/19.Apr – Aries – RAM – Fire
20.Apr/20.May – Taurus – BULL – Earth
21.May/21.Jun – Gemini – TWINS – Air
22.Jun/22.Jul – Cancer – CRAB – Water

23.Jul/22.Aug – Leo – LION – Fire
23.Aug/22.Sep – Virgo – VIRGIN – Earth
23.Sep/22.Oct – Libra – SCALES – Air
23.Oct/21.Nov – Scorpio – SCORPION – Water

22.Nov/21.Dec – Sagittarius – ARCHER – Fire
22.Dec/19.Jan – Capricorn – GOAT – Earth
20.Jan/18.Feb – Aquarius – WATER-BEARER – Air
19.Feb/20.Mar – Pisces – FISH – Water

Also, every sign has the following items associated with it: A Body Part, A Ruling Planet, and A Month-Day Association. So, have fun with The Magnets below, describing the Good Traits, and Bad Traits of each sign.

Astrology fridge magnets can be found here


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