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A Good Laugh from a Funny Country Song about Fishing

Part IIPart II – The Fishin’ Song Here

He Chose Fishing Over His Girl! His Clothes are Flying Out the Front Door While He Follows His Heart…Fishing. Snuggle Up to that Fish.

This comedy song by Brad Paisley, known as “The Fishin’ Song’ puts Brad’s natural humor front and center in this video. If you haven’t watched it, be sure to take a minute … because if you need a laugh…you’ll get one.

In typical country music style, the song tells the long sad story of a man who, after getting that much-feared ‘ultimatum’ from his lady, lets his heart decide what it already knows…he’d rather fish.

The Writing of ‘I’m Gonna Miss Her’ Has An Interesting History

Brad’s debut album dating back to 1999, called ‘Who Needs Pictures,’ was set to include this song, but it almost didn’t make it on there! Rogers thought a more established artist should be asked to debut the song. George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Garth Brooks had indicated they were interested; however, the song landed right where it was supposed to, back in Brad’s laptop and onto his album.

Brad had thought the song might be offensive to some women …. a man choosing fishing over them! But let’s face it, the song’s music, lyrics, and overall tone scream comedy! Who wouldn’t get that? It turned out to be a wise choice because, you guessed it…it reached number 1 on the U.S. Hot Billboard Country Charts! It also received song of the year and single-of-the-year nominations for the 2002 Country Music Association Awards.

The Video Features Jerry Springer, Dan Patrick, and Kimberly Williams (now his wife)

The video was produced by Peter Zavadil and aired on CMT in 2002. It’s staged as a News and Media Event where Brad appears on the Jerry Springer Show, and Jerry eloquently suggests that he might be better off married to a fish. Brad concurs.

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