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A Funny Country Song about Tequila

Country Song About Tequila – It Makes Her Clothes Fall Off !

A little too much Tequila leads to trouble….oh no, why oh why did she drink so much. THUD. It’s bad enough there’s about to be a pounding headache. Everyone knows what happens to her, yet she insists on drinking the devil water…She can handle just about any other booze they put in front of her, but her lack of inhibitions live in Tequila!

Joe Nichols on iTunes


Yes, you guessed it, if you haven’t heard the song, or seen the video, it’s Grandma’s Tequila drinking escapades that lead to ‘excessive clothing removal’. Grandma’s young at heart..or so it appears! It starts with her shoes coming off then from there, grandma is in full fledged party mode!


There are two other well known and popular country songs about tequila, both by Kenny Chesney, You and Tequila and Tequila Loves Me. You can listen to them via the video below. To answer the question..’what is it about tequila’….I think we know the answer to has quite a kick! Cowboy’s love it, but apparently Grandma’s do as well.

TEQUILA Makes Her CLOTHES FALL Off, by Joe Nichols

Fans of Joe Nichols and this song know it goes back to 2005. It was in fact released in August of that year and was the first single on his album titled III. Yes you guessed it, it was a hit and it did in fact reach number 1 on the US Hot Country Song Billboard Chart in 2005. Find more about Joe Nichols on his Website, Twitter and Facebook.

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