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Funny Mom Quotes for the Wall

Filed in Wall Decals by on September 2, 2014 4 Comments • views: 3624

A Few Funny Quotes for Moms

Mom has a way about her. She’s the rock that keeps everything in place, she’s the glue that holds the family together, and she’s the boot up your *ss. Yep, that’s Mom.

It’s no picnic being a mom, so don’t think we moms have all the answers and know how to fix every boo-boo! Truth is, it doesn’t matter if we know or don’t know, we normally just jump right in (most of the time) and do what needs to be done: Such fun things like,  wipe our young’uns chins or other pertinent body parts.

We’re known to pound the pavement to the school or one of your friend’s houses if there’s trouble, or worse, because you’re IN trouble! We may have even crashed an unauthorized party. Guilty.

Mom, may have a pretty cool sense of humor,  and if that’s the case, anyone of these funny mom quotes for the wall can work; just be sure to feature them when she’s in a good mood!

You’ll know when she’s happy, most of us moms advertise our happy clues, for instance:

  • If you see us dancing in the kitchen, that’s a good sign (or we’ve lost our mind)
  • Our smiles are free of any hint of sarcasm (a tilted head smile, is not a good thing)
  • We may be singing! BUT that could also mean we’re trying to calm ourselves down too, so proceed with caution on that one!
  • The house is clean and dinner is on the table – Ok, that’s a biggy, if you see this…we’re probably in a good mood!
  • We walk in from work without swearing, crying, screaming, or ranting about bad drivers. If you hear any of this, remove any and all ‘funny’ wall quotes immediately!
  • As soon as we see you, we approach with a hug and kiss – Mom Tip 10,000 – Accept the hug and the kiss! Any effort to push us away, and you run the risk of meeting ‘wild mom’, and these ‘funny’ quotes..not so funny anymore!

So there you have it, a quick summary of mom-happy-signals, but judge for yourself cause the one thing about moms, you can’t lump us all into the same category – think of us as ‘Cats’ (no way to herd us).

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  1. DebW07 says:

    Barbara! What a fantastic blog! This post is great, the quotes are witty and fun to read. My favorite is the dancing in the kitchen reference because my kids would think my husband and I had lost our minds if we did that.

  2. Deb thank you! You should dance in the kitchen then just to shock them! I’ve been seen dancing in mine, but I do it specifically for the Eyerolls lol

  3. LOL! Thanks for the laughs!

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