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25 Funny Things to Write In a Sorry Card

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So you’ve stepped in it have you?

Well you’ve come to the right place to find just the right crap words to write in a personally thought out Sorry Card; well, it’s personal to a point!

Don’t worry though, you can still make these sayings sound genuine … just change them up and write them in your own words – that’s the best way to avoid being caught on a google search 🙂

And yes, all of these were written by me…but it’s ok, you can use them in a hand written card to someone you’re desperately seeking forgiveness from – or, as mentioned above, you can also change them up to protect your innocent self.

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25 Funny Things to Write In a Sorry Card

  1. I found just the right words to apologize online, but decided I should think for myself … but it turns out I’m just a bone head who doesn’t do well in the thinking department (you’re not surprised I’m sure) so I’ll keep it really basic…I’m sorryer than sorry really says. Please forgive me as I remove this bone from my head.

  2. You deserve someone who doesn’t have to get a damn sorry card because they’ve been an idiot, but unfortunately you’re stuck with me because I love you too much. I’m really sorry, please keep loving me.

  3. The last time I messed up this bad, I had to buy someone a car; if you hang in there with me, you could score really big. I’m really sorry – Mistake 1=A dozen roses. Mistake 1215=A Car.

  4. So the last time I checked, before I messed up, I  was perfect…please don’t let this one mistake take me from hero to zero. Sorry really is the saddest word. >>*tear stain*

  5. I’m a jerk. It’s true. See, you’re always right. Hang on, that came out wrong; I’m sorry, you’re right, I’m a jerk, it’s true.

  6. I step in this stuff a little too often. I’m going to need to carry baby wipes. Sorry for the crap. [Tweet this]

  7. Yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery…to get on your good side I bought you a damn present. Here! and I love you.

  8. There are two things I want you to know, I’m tall and I’m stupid. Thank goodness you like one thing about me! I’m really three things…I’m also sorry.

  9. I’m not the sorrying kind. I’m just the marrying kind. To hell with it, I’m just going to be ‘kind’ from now on!

  10. If I knew then what I know now, I would have stocked up on apology cards a long time ago! [Tweet this]

  11. In the winter of my life I want you to be there helping me put on my boots so for that reason only…I’m sorry!!

  12. Life is too short to fight…that, and I also suck at it. I give. You win. I’m sorry. You’re right. Pass the remote.

  13. Do not think that just because I bought you this apology card that I’m a wuss! This is in fact the first time I’ve ever resorted to these levels to apologize..usually I just get nekid and it’s over. Seeeeee how lucky you are, you got this card instead *big saucy grin*

  14. It’s not like me to apologize – you bring out the worst in me (why do I like the pain) [Tweet this]

  15. If I had to choose; you or this apology card, I’d choose you because I hate apologizing! [Tweet this]

  16. I’m really sorry that I didn’t say this sooner…but saying I’m sorry is so lame  and I didn’t want to be lame

  17. I’m sorry because  I have to say sorry and that’s the only reason I’m sorry..that and the fact that I hate loving you this much.

  18. If Trouble was a person’s name – ‘I would always be In Trouble’ – that’s why my new wish is that YOUR name is Trouble – that’s some doo-doo I want to get into.

  19. Whenever I apologize, an angel gets it’s wings – see! I’m really doing a good thing when I act like an ass. [Tweet this]

  20. Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly…in formation spelling out the words…”forgive that fool” [Tweet this]

  21. So yesterday I was perfect and today I’m not, I’m sorry for being so wishy  washy – and most of all, I’m sorry for having to use the words ‘wishy washy’ in a card.

  22. So if I could say two things, they would be I’m sorry and I forget the other thing – see! I’m not that smart. You should forgive me just for that reason.

  23. Your love is what makes me happy …. that and golfing, but I never have to apologize to my clubs (why is that) [Tweet this]

  24. This is the last time I’m ever saying sorry to you! ’cause I’m never going to make another mistake again in my entire life. Frame this card.

  25. I took a vow to love you and honor you, and since I’m scared **itless of what will happen if I break that vow, I’m getting you this apology card just in case – keep it on file and get the holy water out FAST if I mess up. Please.

Just DON’T Dedicate This Song to Her (or Him) !!

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