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Give Me A Loan Today

Filed in Funny & Sarcastic Poems/Lyrics, Life Poems, Poem about Money by on April 24, 2009 0 Comments • views: 2623

Give Me A Loan Today:: A “loaner moaner” tale with a happy ending, and lessons of responsible borrowing learned.

Give Me A Loan Today!

When he borrowed money yesterday afternoon
his wife cheered, “we’ll get that new car pretty soon!”
They danced in a circle then fell to the floor
“hey, maybe they can loan us just a little bit more!”
We need new appliances and a trip to France!
let’s ask the bank for another loan in advance
They got all their money fast and on time
and it took only 3 months to spend every dime
When the statement came in, with the money all gone
they thought, “sheesh, that sure didn’t take very long”
NOW how would they pay off that high-interest debt?
then remembered they have one big credit card left
“we’ll take from Peter to pay off Paul”
until we can finally pay it off all…
they searched and searched until they found a new lender
who said, “we don’t care that you’re a big spender”
They breathed a sigh of temporary relief,
promised it was time to turn over a new leaf
“Financial Responsibility”, was their latest motto
an example to set for their children to follow
No more cars, toys, games or unnecessary things,
no more computers, tools, or fake diamond rings,
no more trips, furniture, flooring, or nights out,
they stayed home
they were disciplined
they took the honorable route
Four years have passed with their debt fully paid
and now they’ve decided to sell their home and upgrade
They called their bank to qualify for another home loan
and were approved in five minutes, right there on the phone.
What is the moral of this loan moaner tale?
“Our bad habits can change, we aren’t destined to fail,
with our life back on track, we can relax and exhale”.

by Barbara Tremblay Cipak


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