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What to Write in a Graduation Card

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Are you finding it difficult to choose just the right words to put inside a card for the Graduate?

Below you’ll find 50 original sayings you can write inside a card or send by text for the high school, college, or university graduate.

What to Write in a Graduation Card:

  1. Don’t take anything for granted, and you will always move forward gracefully
  2. Hold on for dear life; the next five years are going to be a blast
  3. Life doesn’t have to be complicated; you can travel a peaceful road; it’s simply a choice
  4. Row your own boat, but always be mindful of the passengers you carry with you
  5. The most important expectations are ultimately the ones you put on yourself
  6. Learn, Grow, Contribute, Care, Love…rinse and repeat for a lifetime
  7. As you write the next chapter of your life, remember it’s harder to erase pen ink than pencil, so write it with thoughtfulness and grace
  8. You honor the ones you love by honoring yourself
  9. You have traveled a long road to get here, and your diligence is respected
  10. A life of learning is a life of living
  11. Travel the road of your dreams, make plans, and see them through
  12. Luck is something people make happen, go forth and make your luck
  13. It’s your contribution to people and the world around you that will matter most
  14. With every step you take, ask yourself, is this a step towards where I want to go
  15. Life is not complicated; we make it that way, so go forth and live an easy life
  16. It’s good to wish, it’s good to pray, but it’s always best to plan
  17. Do not go blindly into the night; plan, plan, plan, and follow-through, then fight
  18. Stand up for what you believe in while respecting those who differ in opinion
  19. The future belongs to those who feel they deserve a piece
  20. You can achieve your goals; it’s all a matter of deciding to do it
  21. Be just like that little-engine-that-could and keep moving forward
  22. With a little effort and a lot of planning, your ship will come in
  23. Do what your life calls you to do and do it very well
  24. Your passion is what will drive you; your heart is what will get you there
  25. As you begin your journey, remember to smile often along the way
  26. You’ve climbed a mountain few people can say they’ve climbed
  27. Your results are directly related to your commitment, congratulations
  28. You’re an example of how hard work gets you somewhere; we’re so proud of you
  29. May the wind keep your spirits up as you build an amazing life
  30. Moving forward is a gazillion baby steps, congrats on your first gazillion steps
  31. Breathe it, plan it, do it, grow it and live it…It=Dreams
  32. Dreams +Passion – Fear + Determination – Limited Thinking = Anything is Possible
  33. The light shines all around you; your future is bright
  34. All is possible so long as you truly believe you can achieve it..go forth
  35. Without effort and knowledge, the heart isn’t strong enough to carry the dream
  36. Wisdom is the accumulation of knowledge and experience; gather both, and you will win
  37. The accumulation of knowledge is one of the greatest things you can gather
  38. You are a culmination of what you learn and share, and what you share is what will ultimately form the foundation of your life
  39. Your future is bright, just like your mind
  40. Seek out the beauty around you; you’ll find it in the smallest things
  41. Go forth and conquer your dreams with the force of ten thousand knights
  42. Attack your future with grace and vigor
  43. Loving your profession gives you a better chance at waking up every day and loving your life
  44. Your own set of standards measures your achievements
  45. Let your heart lead you, your mind guide you, and your spirit define you
  46. Your gift to the world is your contribution to the world
  47. Sharing your knowledge and know-how is half the battle; the other half is the love you give
  48. Build your dreams with bricks; that way, the big bad wolf can’t blow them down
  49. Achieving your dreams is entirely equal to your willingness to fulfill them
  50. Each chapter of your life leads you to the next, be diligent, plan well

If you haven’t watched the Commencement Address by Steve Jobs to Stanford’s Class of 2005, then be sure you take the time to give it a listen. 

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