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I Am A Writer

Filed in Poetry for Writers, Virtue Poems & Lyrics by on April 24, 2009 0 Comments • views: 2463

Not inspired by great people before me
Not bound by words to be graded by this time
I am a writer for all time
Inspired solely by my spirit’s knowledge
Bound only by sincerity to Self
The gift, though mine, is yours to take
but always remember, mine to give
I am a writer, exposing for your theories
the coldest, warmest, deepest caverns of my being
Fear not and judge me
For I am a writer capable of timeless love
Accepting of all life lessons
Measure my greatest pleasure
with all your spirit’s conviction
Leave mediocrity for those still searching
Take from me what I freely give
and without hesitation hand over to you
The priceless gift of a writer

by Barbara Tremblay Cipak

A Poem Dedicated to Writers: The inspirational music written by the Bee Gees, along with the tragic and unexpected death of Maurice Gibb and ultimately Robin, compelled me to dedicate this poem to their families. Thanks so much for the music. As a side note, I could never figure out why “You Win Again” didn’t top the charts in North America as it did in Britain. Great song, my fave.

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