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I Am Here

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I Am Here

Can you see me?
Do you know me?
I’m trying desperately to be heard
In the silence of your nights
I am here
In the panic of your days
I am here
Stop and listen,
just for one precious minute…
Can you feel the warmth of light?
Let’s be still,
not a whisper…shhh,
Now can you hear me??
I am your essence, forever you
Your very being
I know your purpose, your destiny
Know me, I am you,
I am your soul and I am right here
Set me free and I will teach you to fly

by Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Copyrighted

Poem, Soul Searching: Are we so busy that we no longer attempt to remember our deepest passions. The years go by and we tend to lose ourselves in day to day “details”. Strangely enough, we even find comfort in the patterns of our lives. Serving the needs of others is a very noble thing for us to do, however, losing ourselves in the process isn’t helpful to anyone. “I Am Here” is a short poem reminding us to stop and listen.

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