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I Don’t Live in this List

The Garden Lesson Verse on a Mouse Pad

Verse on a Mouse Pad

Stealing a moment,
face arched to the sun,
reflecting upon tasks still left undone,
Whether ten things to do or a hundred and one,
I find golden moments in this garden lesson
My life is on track
and I consistently persist
when I remember I’m not defined by this list

My list of to-do’s
are not only tangible things
such as shopping, cleaning or these poetic writings,
there are children to nurture,
family to call,
with my disposition mastered and sunny
can be a challenge,
like facing the day,
when for now,
there’s more month than money

When the TV is on,
the story’s not art
the suffering move into my heart,
Without knowing, I begin to question myself
What’s my contribution,
am I doing my full part?
I’ve placed them inside
and increase my soul burden
their faces never dismissed
I watch their journey,
for it’s a lot tougher than mine,
then gracefully add their plight to my list

And so goes my list,
it continues to grow
After-all, we care for those we know and don’t know,
but the garden lesson holds the secret to joy
it’s a simple flower,
a smile,
a mere helping hand,
to remember the love our life kissed
for we define ourself by the garden we plant
not by what’s to do on our list.

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Copyrighted

I Don’t Live in This List – “A Garden Lesson”:
Our duties, our responsibilities, our obligations end up on our physical and mental “to-do list”, and it can be draining. But there is a secret many already know; finding joy in unexpected places. A joy from within, experienced from the core, coming from things that have nothing to do with money, work, or duties. This is the gift we can give ourselves.

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