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I Paint You – An Empathetic Poem about the Unfairness of War and Suffering

Filed in Empathy Poetry, Sad Poetry, Virtue Poems & Lyrics, War Poetry by on June 26, 2017 0 Comments • views: 3331

I sit here crying in the chair of my well painted life,
at the drawing that is yours…
Where are your colors?
My three shades of green sing out peace…
until I see your screaming walls of black
While watching you stare blankly into what was,
I am surrounded by what is,
loss that is not mine
this loss I own,
Your sketch is my torment,
Seeking absolution is my canvas
I paint you

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Copyrighted
A poem, Suffering from War: For the victims of war, especially the children.

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