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I Pray – It Always Seems to Take the Hurt Away

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I Lift My Eyes Toward Heaven and I See it Loud and Clear – Lyrics

When our world seems to be closing in on us and we’re not sure what to do, Red Marlow’s song ‘I Pray’ is a reminder of where to start.

In our search for the answers to life, ‘I Pray’ triggers that famous quote we’ve often heard; “When life gets too tough to stand, kneel”.

When I Feel Like My Whole World is Stuck in the Dark of Night – Lyrics

Whatever our belief system there’s a measure of peace in reflection, and there’s also peace when we make the effort to center ourselves. There’s no getting around it, we all have days we feel like Lucy has pulled the football out from underneath us. Nobody gets out of this life without having to face challenges and without having to learn how to cope with them.

Remembering that joy is something we own, not something to be freely taken from us, keeps us further away from that road of despair.

Whatever our version of prayer is, quietly contemplating the art of letting go is hope-therapy. When faith takes over, that outstretched open hand gives us permission to accept not knowing how or why things are the way they are. Best of all, it helps us to see that life is merely this moment in time – and it’s the collection of moments that make up our story, but our story can change in any one moment.

The combination of surety and uncertainty drives us to our destiny – getting there in one piece is the challenge, and prayer is our guide.

As the Song Says:

When I’m searching for the answer
But I can’t find the truth
And I’m ready just to give up
Give in and just be through
I lift my eyes towards heaven
And I see it loud and clear
Everything I’m looking for is just right here

I Pray.

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