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I See Good People

Filed in Optimistic Poems, Virtue Poems & Lyrics by on April 30, 2018 0 Comments • views: 2838

My heart beats to the drum of hope

Life hands out test sheets every day

I always pass.

While walking, a foot is stuck out

there I lay flat on my face

So what!

I pick myself up

and stick my tongue out

to the one who tried!

I beat another obstacle.

A panicking phone is ringing,

do this, do that, do it now,

was it done yesterday?

Uhuh, yep, ok, yes, I did it.

Thanks for calling.

Someone is yelling at me,

I listen.

“There’s a good person

in there somewhere”

What happened?

hmm, they’re backtracking,

they realized I’m a good person.

That’s what I see; I see good people

by ┬ęBarbara Tremblay Cipak

A Poem About Optimism and Good People:  A reminder in the form of a poem of encouragement and hope – to look at life from an optimistic angle. It takes just as much energy to be hopeless as it does to be hopeful. I choose hopeful. I also believe that good souls outnumber the bad. As they say, look for the helpers.

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