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I Will Only Hear You

Filed in Self Awareness, Virtue Poems & Lyrics by on April 25, 2009 0 Comments • views: 2050

Set your soul free by opening up to yourself first
It’s safe with me, open your heart
Release your need to sing, pour out your life to me
I am near you, don’t be afraid,
For I will listen, I won’t tell
I don’t judge, I won’t yell
I will only hear you
The weight must be unbearable, your soul must need to fly
Can you really carry this alone
It’s much too heavy, release your thoughts,
And I will hear you cry
Your spirit lives inside, it wants to help as well
Like me it knows your anguish
It’s begging you to let it go
It loves you, it is you
Simply shadowed by this secret
For I will listen, I won’t tell
I don’t judge, I won’t yell,
For I will only hear you . . .
I can only hear you . . . since
I am you, yes, I am you

by Barbara Tremblay Cipak

Poem, about Self Truth: I was about 35 years old when I sat down to put pen to paper on this one. I remember it was late at night, maybe around 11:00pm, it was nice and quiet, everyone was in bed. All comfy cozy, under my blanket, sitting in my chair in the living room, I had the urge to write. So with a pen and paper, I started. I wrote lyrics for two songs and a poem that night. This post is that Poem. The subject of the poem pertains to being truthful to yourself first and foremost. In other words, the initial person you should talk out a problem with is yourself. Don’t block the truth from your conscious mind, force yourself to hear your own soul’s truths. Don’t be afraid, because ultimately, (as the old saying goes) “you will be set free”.

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