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Poem about a Break Up – In The Darkness of the Night

Filed in Love Poetry, Missing Someone, Needing You Poetry by on May 16, 2009 1 Comment • views: 2038

A Poem about a Break Up

Also written as lyrics – It’s hard to stay together when the going gets tough, and based on relationship stats today, it’s becoming a rarer thing! Of course, sometimes staying together isn’t an option, and every situation is unique and demands it’s own evaluation – This poem about a break up expresses the true pain of losing someone you love.

In the Darkness of the Night

In the darkness of the night
I cried a broken heart
I dried a blood stained tear
In the darkness of the night
I wished that you were here
to crush this thing called fear
please don’t leave me now
when things may not seem clear
’cause without you by my side
without you being here
I’de die a thousand deaths
in each and every tear
Your life has been my teacher
Your strength  has showed me how
as I’ve faded into black
You’ve lifted me from shadows
you seemed to bring me back
by knowing what I lack
please don’t leave me now
you can count on me to stay
’cause all I need is you
to wipe these tears away
I’de live a million years
to see you every day
In the darkness of the night
please mend my broken heart
please kiss away these tears
In the darkness of the night
please crush this thing called fear
I wish that you were here
I wish that you were here
it hurts to bleed this fear
it just hurts

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Copyrighted

Bonus Country Song

There’s a country song called, ‘Like Jesus Does’ by Eric Church that speaks about a man who, despite his failings still holds the love of a woman who believes in him. The song lyrics written above pertain to the opposite situation – perhaps forgiving to the point of staying was impossible in my poem story, but I sure like the premise of this song by Eric Church..mostly it’s hopeful nature.


How are you at forgiving even the hardest thing to forgive? Please feel free to leave a comment

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  1. Have felt this way myself. Beautiful poem!

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