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In These Feathered Fields – A Soul Who Lived a Hard Life and Upon Death was Gifted Love and Acceptance from those still Living, Something They Ached for When Alive

In These Feathered Fields


Walking across soft fields

in colored songs not black or white

I meet ten million souls

Who dance my arduous plight

mountains of whispering feathers

flitter all about

until one by one these sweeping dreams

rest on the ground, worn-out

but as the last wilted feather falls

souls begin to shout

while I lift my weary head

they don’t let my flame go out

each hands me back a feather

to give me needed peace

making me immortal

they don’t let my music cease

they bless my final dance

and willingly outpour

a love filled last hurrah

but they’ve given so much more

you see

a journey such as mine

ached for faith restored

and as I say goodbye

my soul now freely soars

in these feathered fields

through these open doors

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

A Poem about a Soul Searching for Peace in Death: A poem for a person who lived a hard life and after their death receives love from the public, family and friends thus enabling them to cross over in peace. The feathers symbolize the gift of peace each soul is handing to the troubled soul trying to cross. It helps, and those feathers become the final soft landing he/she needed to go through those doors.


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