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Life Changes by Thomas Rhett Offers a Peek into How His Life has Changed from College to Kids

The Relatable Lyrics and Bouncy Tune Give ‘Life Changes’ the Hook that Makes You Want to Play the Song Over and Over

If you’ve already gone through, or are going through those early transformational days from College to kids, you’ll find your life in the message and words of this song.

For those of us long passed those days of babies and bottles, we watch the video with a soft spot in our heart memories. I remember those days Thomas Rhett and his wife are currently going through like it was yesterday. Kenny Chesney expressed life quite accurately in his moving song ‘Don’t Blink’, because, wow, does it sail by.

In one of those ‘blinks,’ I was celebrating the birth of my fourth son and penning this poem, and this year he graduated high school. As the years go by I smile and cry, sometimes simultaneously. No matter how big they get, love continues to be the driver in life.

Watching young couples like Thomas Rhett and family starting out reminds me of my boys and all those years I wouldn’t trade for anything in this universe.

The video introduces you to his lovely wife and two little girls. If you want to read more about the adoption of their daughter and the recent birth of their second daughter, People Magazine wrote a lovely piece.

Essential Lyrics:
"I remember the day I told my Daddy and Mama you're gonna have a grandkid, yep
From Uganda, that's right, we're adopting
And she is the cutest little girl that you've ever seen
Well I was wrapping my head around being a dad
A bigger wrench got thrown in the plans we thought we'd had
Now Lauren's showin' and got one on the way
Yeah that's two into two, hey, what can I say?"

Life Changes was written by Thomas Rhett, Rhett Akins, Ashley Gorley, and Jesse Frasure. It was released in April 2018 on his third studio album of the same name, ‘Life Changes.’

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